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Help me choose a powered speaker

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My friend is coming to get his guitar amp soon, so I'm going to need something to play music through (in my drum room).


After speaking to a couple of guys, I was convinced I should get a powered speaker.


I can probably decide for myself but I thought I'd throw this out there. These are the two I can get from local small businesses (who I want to support):


Behringer eurolive b115mp3



Wharfedale Titan 12




Some of my musings:


The behringer is a 15" whereas the Wharfedale is a 12". I understand that a smaller sub is more responsive and hearing both speakers I could see they both sounded great and would both be more than loud enough.


The behringer has an mp3 player with a LED display built in so I can plug a usb stick. I don't see myself crawling behind the speaker everytime I want to change track - I will be playing music from my iphone or pc. Still it's a nice option.


The behringer is 415AUD and the Wharfedale is 485AUD.


The guy that sells the wharfedale doesn't have much confidence in the behringer brand, apparently used to stock and hire them but he found them less reliable and servicing them was a bit of a nightmare. He also scoffed at the 1000 watt rating, and said it was probably similar to the 250w rms of the wharfedale. The guy selling the behringer had trouble getting music playing through it so he wasn't able to tell me anything useful really. He was generous with the quote though.


I noticed the behringer had another usb port, although I don't know what use that would be at this stage.


What do you guys think?

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I got the wharfedale, really happy with it, apart from it being on the bassy side. Cheers though.



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