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Fitting S15 Airbox's + Climate Control into S13/180sx Chassis

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Hey guys I been trying to complete this mod for quite a while and I'm basically there now, everything seems functional and I will fix up the tweeks down the track but here's what I've got so far, (I did my conversion in a type-X, also I have done the S15 cluster and hazard buttons etc and any modifications to previous guides I will include)


Parts you will need:

- S15 main harness with the climate control module to suite

- S15 blower fan, Air con and Heater boxes + cores and motors included

- Two heater core joiners from S13/180sx without butterflys

- All S13 gear

(if going to do the S15 instrument cluster and hazard controls etc will need these parts too)

(I have not yet fitted the dash to see if all of the air vent piping lines up but I will work this out soon)



1- Take out the Dash and all interior trim, I also took out the dash reinforcement bar for more access


2- Remove all bolts and nuts that support the S13 blower fan, Air con and heater boxes (2 bolts on the air con, two bolts at the top, two nuts at the bottom left, one bolt bottom middle, one nut bottom of middle, one nut bottom right


3- Undo all plugs

4- Undo both heater hoses from the engine bay


5- loosen the air con box by pulling it into the cabin slightly then remove the blower fan and heater box completely

6- undo the air con lines connected to the box, small is 17mm and 19mm and the large is 24mm and 27mm

7- remove air con box


8- Install S15 air con box to these lines (they have the same fittings)

9- Install S15 blower fan

10- the S15 Heater box has a mounting point (top left) which must be modified to fit the cabin as it hits the top dash mounting bracket

11- The S15 heater core has shorter joiners coming off it than the S13 unit, get yourself longer ones from type-X and later S13/180 heater cores and screw them on, I would use 2 without the butterfly as the S15 has none



12- install the heater box in the car, the top grommet in the fire wall for the heater core joiners must be removed for it to fit

13- position and tighten the boxes so that they are mounted in the cabin I managed to use the Stud at the bottom right of the blower fan and the stud to the bottom right of the heater box to mount them but do whatever you can to stabilize them

14- When fitting the S13 dash reinforcement bar into the car I realised it doesn't fit as it contacts the S15 heater box, I am going to cut out the middle section of the S15 bar and then cut out the same length from the S13 bar and weld the S15 middle with S13 end to solve this, Will ad pictures to explain



1- Cut out the main harness of the S15 so that all wires coming from the climate control plugs are continued to the plugs so that no wires are cut and as much can be plugged straight in as possible.

2- Wires that must be cut are:

* Ground/Earth (BLACK)



* Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor 1 (ORANGE/BLACK WITH PINK DOTS)

* Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor 2 (BLACK/YELLOW WITH PINK DOTS)





(sorry ran out of time to complete for now will continue write up later, newest problem is fitting the dash reinforcement bar so more setbacks)

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one of the wires you needed to cut out of the s15 harness thats needed for climate control is for the water temp sensor. cant remember the colour at the time,

didnt know about the longer pipes for the heater box, would of made my convertion so much easyier

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Thanks Scott I think your talking about the Blue/White with pink dots, It came up under temperature in the diagrams, also I have just discovered the dash bar/ reinforcement bar doesnt fit over the boxes so im making a frankenstein one between S13 and S15, did you take this path?

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Yea pretty much the s15 bar from the drivers side to just past the column, then s15 till the other side of the car except for like 2 inches at the end where I go back to s13 to bolt up like normal

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Did you end up finishing this install successfully? I'm keen to do the same work in my car...

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Mine works with nice cold ac, I Modded the firewall for the ac holes though

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