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2JZ - 180SX Spark/Fuel/? Issue

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Took my 2JZ 180sx for its first drift prac under my ownership the other month and I barely got a few laps in until I hit issues (expected)


Okay we'll start with, I was drifting car got pretty hot so I pulled into the pits and let it cool down.

Pretty sure oil and water temperatures were at approx 120C :wedgie:


I went out to bust more skids after getting clearance to run no bonnet/front bar, and mid skid the car lost all power and dropped off (didnt stall) but the revs dropped right off, then I got off the throttle and it sorta picked up engine revs again.


I straightened up, got back on the throttle and it did exactly the same thing.


Now it idles even worse and it seems like its gotten worse.


It still gets fuel, I've checked it at the fuel filter.


I'm going to start with coilpacks, change plugs, ignitor, and I think I might have a spare ECU to swap out (doubt thats the problem)


Is there anything else that would characteristicly do this?


Hit me up - I'm all ears! I wanna pump more skids

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Compression test it whilst you have the plugs out, Im thinking the worst mate. Comp tester is only about $40 from supercheap/repco.


If the engine is fine, then I'd put an oil cooler on it, 10 row should do the trick. FYI removing bonnet or belly pans doesnt always help, you need the pressure difference between the front forced air and behind it, also the closed engine compartment helps push the air past the gearbox etc (which helps keep it cool).

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