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- Donny -

dvd set up for mrs van

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Need some help with some stuff i need to put a tv in my mrs van for the kids to watch on long drives.

card is a chrystler voyager if that matters at all, im wanting a flip down roof mounted 15" lcd and im guessing i got to buy a dvd player for the dash to run it all in sync.

what i would like though im not 100% if this can be done but if i put a bunch of kids movies onto a small portable hdd what sort of head unit should i look for that will be able to plug the hdd in preferablly with a usb cord at the back of the player, and it must be able to play avi files up onto the monitor.


also wanted to know if anyone has used one of these bad boys?


there cheap as f**k and i know you get what you paid for but with rapid techno advances lately it doesnt take much to drive the costs of a half descent prduct down to nothing so i figured it probably cant be that bad.

Doesnt have to be pro spec awesome pic and sound ect just basic for the kids

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actually just found this as well


this will be good as the misses will be able to see if the movie is playing or not assuming you can plus the roof mount tv into this head unit and have the picture come out on both.

and i figured sd card at the front would be sweet as she can just carry a few cards in the car with her and swap them over every now and then.

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ok , firstly you can get a flip down head unit for the roof is one option , or you can buy two head rest 7 inch screens for the car , a choice of head unit is personally a difference of opinion , i bought a portable dvd player with a usb slot loaded all my movies onto it and ran a spliter to the two screens in the rear , as for mounting the dvd player I used and old draw slide and mounted it under the seat , the player still works when the lid is shut and its easy to hide


quality of some of the head units tend to fail badly as they heat up alot , almost set fire to the truck but thats another story and the stereo quality was aweful . its person choice at the end of the day and budget , but you can do it on the cheap and still make it look ok .


the kids will tell you when its not working so as for a screen for your wife isnt needed but its only a matter of installing a third tiny lcd screen some where neat and use a splitter into the dvd player


hope this helps

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