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97 Jzx 100 Chaser

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Need some help, i have a standard 97 jzx100 chaser 1jz gte vvti.


I have been reading threads but just need some help with a couple things, as im a nissan man so dont know much about the toyotas


Im looking at the following

- Power FC as i know the computers cant be re-chipped etc

- EBC, something like a Profec B2

- Full exhaust

- Injectors, But what fit straight into the standard fuel rail? Size?

- AFM, is it needed? Z32 ? do they suit?

- Intercooler and piping, any pipe work thats better then opthers?

- Fuel Pump, just thinking in tank bosch?


Missing anything???

any help would be great

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considering you aren't upgrading the turbo i wouldn't worry about injectors/afm.


just a power fc, boost controller, fuel pump, cooler kit (greddy fit pretty well) and full exhaust.

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