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Android winning the war over iOS. Eric Schmidt takes the stand.

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Ok, It's getting late so I'm just going to make this post short and sweet:


First, here's the source vid that's just gone live in the last few days :




Now, Eric's view on the Android vs iOS debacle:


Android now on approx 500 million devices world-wide. Will reach 1 billion devices sometime late next year. Global market share on smartphones is 71% compared with iOS's 14%


Eric mentions many things in his interview - about the future of technology, google glass, driverless cars etc. He's releasing a book soon also about the new coming digital age.


So........................................... what are your thoughts? Is he a genius? Is he a nutcase?

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It was an interesting interview. Kind of scary how much information Google will have on us in the future. Through android they already can track the movements of most of the smartphone enabled world, they have information on everything we search on the net, what is loaded to youtube, what we email people (through gmail) add things like google glass, driverless cars, no wonder they can aim to do things like targeted search, etc. It is like a double edged sword, we are losing our anonymity, but gaining all this awesomness in return.

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