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sw20 3legged horse

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hey guys,

hoping someone on here might be able to shead some light on my misfire issue. the rap sheet is this;


1990 MR2 3sge manual

intermittent misfire in cylinder 3 only

spark plug is fine

lead is fine, checked at 4200ohms (i think that's right, was in spec anyway)

distributor is fine

there is no side arc-ing through the lead

compression test showed up to 200psi (toyota spec is between 156 and 197)

diagnostic is not throwing fault codes by the simple bridging of terminals and flashing engine light on dash

car runs fine first thing in the morning until normal operating temp is reached

it is not overheating

ran injector cleaner through system, ran a little better but not by much


from all this i have ruled out dead plug, dead lead, dead dizzy, head gasket, stuck valve, buggered rings. all that i am left with in my knowledge is a slight injector blockage, injector wiring fray and failure with heat expansion, possible intake manifold gasket leak on cylinder 3, or an ecu problem.


has anyone else had a problem like this before or got a better idea than i do? this has been annoying me for couple of weeks now. is there something else it might be that i have missed? any and all help is very much appreciated. thanks.

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