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Aus Silicon Direct

Aus Silicon Direct at ADGP (BARBAGALLO)

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Hey everyone,


As most of you might know ADGP is coming to Perth in November 18th/19th for the 3rd round of the series year. We are looking to have a Trade Stand at this even and on the search for a car to have at our stand through the event.


Seeing our product is based in the engine bay we are on the search for an import of any family that has goodies under the bonnet with lots of shinny bits :thumbsup:


We are going to be offering freebies for your efforts and help. If you have a vehicle that is eye appealing, has what we are chasing please let us know by posting a image/images in this topic or feel free to shoot us a pm. We may be looking at running two cars but at this stage we are chasing 1 at the moment.


We look forward to seeing what you guys have to offer or if you have a mate that might be interested pass him onto our ASD Website and get in contact with us today!





Aus Silicon Direct

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