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Australian Motorkhana Championship

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Hi guys


I am from Canberra and I was coming over to Perth to race in the AMC in a few weeks and was seeing if anyone from here was entering.


I was going to ship my car across but it probably wont be ready in time, plus it will cost over 2500 to get it there and back, so I thought I would see if anyone would be willing to hire me their car for the event. I would be willing to put a new set of rubber on the car and pay for your entry and everything.


Alternatively if you new anyone or a business that would do the same, send them my way.


My number is 0420 722 001, give me a call with any ideas or solutions




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Hey Guys,


Id really like to know what peoples consecutives records are

My record is 1,151 but im considering going for a record attempt. Does anyone know what the current australian record is???




Dan Ednie

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