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2000 subaru wrx club spec evo 4 (jap spec gc8k)

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Hey a mate has asked me to research some info on his car as he is a bit of a novice on car stuff atm...any way


He has a 2000 subaru wrx club spec evo 4 with a gc8k chassis the jap spec version and is #154 from what i found when looking over it. I have been trying to find a print out or a specs sheet on this model of car a chassis so he knows what it has in it from stock and what power/weight ect it has (yes i know the power now will not match from factory as it not brand new so please dont post stupid comments like that thank you)


I have had a little bit of trouble finding info on that chasis as it seems to skip gc8k on all the sites i been on and there are so man bloody version of subi it a little difficult to pin point exact info lol.


Any links to the stock stats and info print out would be much appreciated



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Hi mate, I know the thread is a little old did you ever find out any infor for this model? I'm buying a WRX and it has the same VIN number i.e. mine is JF8GC8KD3

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