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Wanted to borrow: stock wheels

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Hey guys, so I'm new to WA and have just copped a yellow sticker. I drive a jzx100 and was wondering if anyone had a set of stock 5*114.3 wheels (supra, r33, s14, whatever) with decent tread I could borrow for the pit visit. These would only be used to drive directly to the inspection n back. If not, can anyone recommend a place that lends/rents parts out for Inspections (there were a couple places in adl that did this, not sure if Perth would be the same).

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hi mate


not sure if it will be very helpful, but worth a try anyway


mr mag (i think near belmont?) might be worth a try for some mega cheapies, perhaps try gumtree.com.au

my mechanic in wangara (VR Auto) might also be able to help you out?

theyre really nice people and im sure if they can, theyd be more than willing to lend a hand

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