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doctor patient joke

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A man enters the doctors office explaining that he is impotent and he is going out for a hot date that night and asks the doctor for his help

the doctor explains that there is a new product out called Viagra ......Whats it do replies the patient ?

the doctor says it gives you a hard on for a couple of hours , you simply take the tablet a few minutes before intercourse and your good to go

great says the patient , i will give it a go...and leaves the office


The next day the patient comes running into the doctors office asking for some Deep Heat , DEEP HEAT the doctor replies , Why do you need that ?

Well the patient replied , I went home last night , I made a beautiful dinner , lit some candles , put fresh sheets on the bed put some quiet romantic music on , then I popped the pill in my mouth about ten minutes before she was meant to show up


The doctor says , that sounds really nice what happened next ? ...Well the patient said ..she didnt show up and what else was I to do with a raging hard on , now Ive thrown my elbow out and its killing me



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