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Hey all


Most DJ's on here may know about this already but I only stumbled onto this couple nights ago. Has 37 free DJ mixes by people like Mightyfools, Blatta & Inesha, Mustard Pimp, Dirty Disco Youth etc. Not heaps well known artists like Bloody Beetroots etc but still really good!! Few have been to Australia before so maybe you have seen them at Stereosonic/We Love Sounds? Anyways I will share the link with you! I'm going through downloading all the mixes at the moment but each one is like 100MB hehe so Download limit on peak time will be full soon! And I don't know how to put them on torrents so if anyone can help me out there much appreciated!!




Can also buy Tshirts!! But 35 Euro!! Nah!!


I'll also give another link on here to Amatuer DJ's from all genres who post up mixes online:



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