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Speedometer issue

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hey guys,

just bought a rex 3 days ago, and whilst driving tonight, i noticed the speedo wasnt working :S

now everything else works fine (odo/trip comp)..

there has been ALOT of rain in my area (adelaide) and iv been driving through a lot of it last few days, also i was giving the engine a wipe down with a friend today, just wiping hoses and stuff with a cloth and some engine degreaser. my model is the my98, and as such there are 3 bonnet vents (one main large one) where water can get through, is it possible that the increased moisture has effected the speedo cable? or that whilst cleaning i may have tapped it/pulled it out slightly ? if this is possible then where is this speedo cable on the ej20?


im really worried guys, iv always wanted a rex and now this happens... is this a major issue? is it common?





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There isn't a speed cable that runs to the cluster. Should be driven by a speed sensor in the gearbox. Check wires and possibly fuses

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defs check fuses or best bet take it to a subaru mechanic and get them to hook it up to the computer on it and see wats happenin. could also be there gear in the gearbox that could also be gone

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