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Long time user but just signed up :)

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Hey Everyone,


Just wanted to introduce myself.


My name is Ray I’m 19yo and i live in Melbourne.


I drive a 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR with 260.2kw atw and yeah.... Looking forward to chatting to you all thumb.gif




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Hey Mark,



Apparently you misinterpreted what I said or maybe it was me and the way I worded the title, but what I was meant to say was I’m a long time user of the of the website (I’ve only used the website to have a look at parts or cars for sale and sometimes have a read of 1 or 2 topics) and as you can see this is only my second post. So yeah I’m still a newbie J


Anyway the reason why I joined is because I wouldn’t mind having a chat about the car world and to share my opinion and get everyone else’s opinion as well, from what I’ve been reading on the forums there are a lot of smart people on this website who know a lot about all types of cars...





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