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ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

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not really. nothing that shows anything. but i used a dump/front pipe in one and only needed alittle hammer love for extra room.


will get photos next time im working on it for ya.

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has been a long time since updates!


have bee working on the rolla this year with very little money, so not much has been getting done since round three of G1 last year. but finally getting things done now.


here is what it looked like after round three. lots of panel damage, slightly bent chassis. looking very sad.






spent some time getting my shed sorted out to make life easy to work around, and ripped out the motor.




fitted up my gktech sump and a kinguawa td05-18g turbo






after running on borrowed stock coils for 2 rounds i bought a set of bosch stand alone coils and pulsar leads, kick the ignition problems for once and all. made a fancy bracket and all.




next was a fuel pressure regulator and some highflowed 640cc or 660cc (cant remember exactly) injectors from a fellow corolla driver.

made the little mounting braket myself, first time tig welding with my welder (scratch start) only a small weld but still stoked all the same :quagmire:




after going through afew sr boxes with stock ish power, decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a rb25 gearbox seeing as il be making 220-240rwkw hoefully.




made a new gearstick to fix the diffrence in shifter position between sr-rb boxes. hopefuly my welding skills has improved from the first shifter i made - snapped it mid shift at a drift event. :rolleyes:





so, heres the motor. starting to look rather awsome i think, nothing over the top or as flash as some builds but im quite proud of it so far, just hope its kind to me and all the hard work pays off!





here is a photo dump of maijor damage its copped over the few years its been driving.












even my dogs love it :D



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Awesome read man, loved every aspect of this car and doing it all from your own garage.. Massive props!


That 4th gear entry was top and congrats on the G1 rookie award!


Hope to have the same sorta fun when my cara built, also a home garage build accept I suck at welding :(

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good to see some updates on this, this car was the one that made me wanna build a drifter!

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thanks guys. much appreciated :thumb:


glad this build inspired you spotman, good luck with your build!



found this old video of me at a mates track. he challenged me to do hellies in this little pad infront of his shed, gave it a shot sorta got it to work.


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sorting my rb gearbox swap before the car goes back together, took the bellhousing to eleven10 engineering to get it checked, ended up being off centered and missalighned by 5-8 mm. so new housing sorted and ready to be re-assembled and time for tune!


cannot WAIT to get this back on track. will be 12 months come november that it was last driven. longest it has ever been since the car was built.



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getting some progress on the corolla. gearbox re-assembed finally. mounted on the motor. ported the rear housing on the kando turbo (td05 18g) just to make sure nothing gives me hassles on the dyno.


btw i look like a dork :/ haha





and in other news. my onevia. been in the build for near a year now. was bought as a bare rolling shell. made a full new wiring loom from scratch for everything and stripped the engine harness to bare minimal. no iacv, no knock sensor, no O2 sensor, no boost control solinoid. has all been tucked and hidden. engine bay looks bare, but its in full running state as it sits in the photos.


(needs windscreen and paint and it will be finished) chekit! hope you like it.















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well.. progress again!! car wont know what hit it haha


shit is in! sheeet.





very close clearance on the ignition coils and fpr.. didnt even thik about this till the motor was in. pretty good guessing i must say :P





Will be good seeing the ke70 back in action!


it defiantly will man. i can believe its taken me this long to get to this stage tho :/ abit embarrassing really.

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next installment. being a budget build, im making new engine mounts to move the motor back another 50mm in the engine bay, making the tailshaft only 40mm too short.

going to make a tailshaft spacer to take up the rest, and will be sweet, no new tailshaft needed!


finnally got around to mounting my oil cooler. only place it could go was in the tub. looks alittle rough but will work a treat.





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had a quiet saturday night in the shed. made some decent progress. now to make the new gearbox xmember and tailshaft spacer. all coming together finally.


had solid engine mounts but they got really annoying after awhile. i struggled to find gauges that could take the vibrations and live more than a track day.

got creative and made these.






because i moved the motor back in the engine bay, the plenum took up the room where the clutch master cylinder sat. finally found a position that worked in the cab.







last of all, a close up of one of my tig welds. its probly crap in the eyes of a pro welder. but im pretty happy with it :shades:



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nope nether can i :P


making a new clutch hard line tonight then got to spend some time on the lathe making up this tailshaft spacer.

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more progress!! :D


tailshaft spacer made, tailshaft in.




gearbox crossmember and mount done. got abit fancy with it but turned out pretty well.






and some gauges. had never really had any gauges in this apart from a boost gauge. now has digital water temp, oil temp and oil pressure. cable ties for the win. haha





not long now and it will be done ready for tune. :) just fit radiator, intercooler and panels. will be finished in no time! :D


getting keen.

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seeing as this thread got a shout out i thought i better update it!


car was tuned and has been on two track days, both very eventful.


made 246rwkw on 20psi, and drives like a absolute animal! took it to jdm park at easter and crashed it pretty badly, destroying the whole rear end in a big way.

got all that damage repaired, took it back to make sure it still drove square and wasnt any hidden chassis damage, and lost 60psi of compression on cylinder one. so back to the drawing board, and time to save for some strong internals and get it back asap.


finished the new radaitor support panel, removable center peice.



installed, just waiting for pipework and paint.



dyno sheet. loving the t518z's power curve. like being hit in the ass with a rocket haha



test shot from after the crash. loving the lock this car has.




now that the car was all ready for track time, thought id pull my finger out and build a car trailer. only decent shot i have of it finished, just got to blast and paint it and will be sorted. tows like a dream!



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found some more shots. so heres a photo dump.




this is one of the brackets that got ripped off the body at easter. bent the diff housing, the axle, broke the disk, ripped the panhard bracket off the diff and smashed a wheel.









new r31 diff to fix the damage from easter.


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