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1990_s13's training log

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EDIT: THIS IS NOT MY FIRST POST, i'm not a COMPLETE noob. my post count was set so everytime i posted it went down a post and now it is going back up.




WEIGHT:Somewhere arounb the 70-80kg mark

GOALS:Get stronger and bigger.

-Bench 60kg

-MP 40kg

-Squat 90kg(hitting 100 would be great but i highly doubt that will happen for a while.)

-Deadlift 90kg(also woudl like to hit 100 with this.)


Okay guys, i dont really have a program to go with but i train monday and friday(sometimes wednesday) and my diet is really crap at the moment. When I train, monday and wednesday i usually do these lifts:





Military Press


either skullcrushers or these tricep things(not sure of the name)


the reason i'm limited to these lifts is because i train monday and wednesday at home, all i have is a bench and a squat rack. I can only JUST do miltary presses without my barbell or the weight plates taking out the fluros in the shed.


When I train fridays, i go to this weights room with a few of my mates and a trainer and he gets us to do various different things. The reason i squat and deadlift at home on mon/wed is because at this place they mainly do upperbody stuff. Last friday we did this:

benching for warm up


benching for one minute

hanging leg raises for one minute(because i cant do dips lol)

shoulder press for one minute

lat pulldown for one minute

skullcrushers for one minute

pushups for one minute

preacher curls for one minute


then we had a 2 or 3 minute rest, and did it all again. Then we had another little rest and did it all again, but only for 30 seconds each time.


After workout sessions i usually have protein shakes with 500ml milk and 4 scoops of protein(the protein i get isnt very good for the amount of protein per gram)


basically, my diet is shit. I only have a few meals a day because of school and i cant change what i eat for tea. When i snack now, ive decided im going to have a small tin of tuna, and if that doesn't do enough i can have some chicken fillet. We eat steak and chicken a lot for tea, so i suppose thats not a bad thing.

Im going to really try and work on my diet, but ill see how it goes for now.


ALSO: please keep in mind ive just started lifting so im not very strong. :)



SQUAT: 5x50, 5x60, 5x55

MP: 10x20, 5x30, 1x30, 5x25

DL: 10x60, 8x60

SHRUGS: 10x60

i only benched 20kgx10 reps today because ive been having a bit of proeblem with the inside of my right shoulder/pec. just trying to loosen it up a little bit.


ill keep updating with my lifts/diet.

ALSO: im going to try for my 1rm's on monday because ill have someone to spot me.

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I've only just started and I'm doing only three exercises. Squats, military presses and chin ups. You don't need a whole lot of fancy exercises, just build a strong base to begin with.

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yeah mate thats what im trying to do:)

you should try deadlift. the burn you get from doing them is really great lol.


hows your plan going?

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Good, I've only done three sessions at ghosty's house but I can see improvement already. Have a look at my plan to see what ghosty has me doing, maybe you might change one of your sessions to be similar.

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trained today, just did a bit of upper body stuff. went a bit easy cause im having some problems with my right pec/inside shoulder. did a kind of circuit thing.


bicep curl: 20kgx10, 15kgx15, 10x15, 7.5x15

military press: 30kgx8, 20kgx9, 15kgx10, 10x10, 7.5x10

upright row: 30kgx2, 20kgx8, 15kgx8, 10kgx9, 7.5x12

skullcrushers(had to go mega easy on these, killed my pec/inside shoulder): 10kgx5, 7.5kgx5


did a few pushups and stuff between, then did it all again. got a bit less on the reps this time.


doesnt sound like much but it killed me aha.

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had an easyish session tonight.. legs were shaking at the end of my DL's i could barely stand up lol. my MP is improving a bit, im glad because im looking to finally press more than 30kg overhead.


SQ:5x60, 3x65, 2x70, 3x65(trying to work up abit more.. going to run out of weights for squat soon)

MP:8x30, 2x30, 14x20(was a bit too light), 7x25

DL: 9x60, 5x60(these absolutely rip the skin up on my hands, the inside of my knuckles mainly:|)


only did a few reps of 20kg bench, still waiting for my pec to heal up. its going good because ive been easing off it so im hoping by next week ill be able to bench properly again.


Other training session(usually friday) moved to tomorrow, so ill post up what happens with that.

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Couldnt make the session on tuesday due to work, and couldnt train friday arvo/night because i was at a gig. Not training today because i still feel liek shit and have no energy beacuse of last night ahaha.


some good news though i believe my pec/shoulder is healed up.. Possibly thinking it was a rotator cuff injury? read into it a bit and it seems to be in the same area. i had problems lifting my arm up over my head and out to the side.


did a bit of benching today just to make sure it was alright, not even worth posting what i did because it was shit all.


I'll train tomorow and i'll post up how it goes.

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