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With all the extra goodies than normal R35




Some new pics of the GT-R Spec-V (V-Spec?) test mule have surfaced, giving us a closer look at just what sets this car apart from your average R35.




Glimpsing into the interior, we can see that the GT-R's powered seats have made way for a pair of wafer thin carbon-fibre buckets. Not only do they look awesome, but ditching the power adjustable seats would undoubtedly cut down on overall weight. Carbon-fibre also makes an appearance on parts of the dash surrounding the multi-function meter (below), but other than that we can't see whether there are any other significant changes to the interior.





The exterior, on the other hand, is of a little more interest. A close up of the brakes reveals the mottled finish unique to carbon-composite rotors, confirming that such a brake package will at least be offered as an option (if not as standard) on the new GT-R flagship. Tyres are the same Bridgestone Potenza RE70s that are used on 'lesser' GT-R's, making the supposed 7:25 Nurburgring laptime an altogether more impressive feat. No semi-slicks here.




Judging by what the technician below is carrying, the Spec-V still makes use of the standard Bilstein shocks and springs. Of course, these units may be valved differently, but at this stage there's no way of knowing.



It's all very impressive, and given the fuss generated by the Spec-V's laptime rumour we're sure that cashed-up enthusiasts will go crazy for for it once its released. However, as fast and sophisticated as this test mule is, it still begs the question: If this is the new V-Spec, then what on earth will the GT-R be like once Nismo's waved their magic wands over it? We can't wait to find out.



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