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Australian Hip Hop clips

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Katalyst ft. Ru C.L., Hau and Yungun - All You've Got (yungun is not in the clip)


Mortar - Jacobs Ladder


Clandestien - Thanks for the Venom


Maggot Mouf - Animal Instincts


Delta ft. Mojo the cinematic - The Greater Good / Heat haze


Brad Strut - Monopoly


Clandestien - Off Guard


Clandestien - The Bloodening


Clandestien - Ancillary Cover


Mark 'Chopper' Reid ft. Terra Firma - Remember me


Mark 'Chopper' Reid ft. Brad Strut, Bias B, Balans - Machete


Mark 'Chopper' Reid ft. Hyjak and Torcha - Night with Choppa


The Optimen - Give it up


Delta - Mayday


Bigfoot - Footprints (the start of this clip is awesome)


Bias B ft. Lazy Grey and Bigfoot


Lazy Grey ft Ken Oath - Have A Beer


Koolism - Adrenaline


Downsyde - El Questro


Downsyde - Les Fortunate


Def Wish Cast - Allstars


Drapht - Its the Music


Vents - Love Song


DJ Bones ft. Funkoars - Certified


Funkoars - DuNaNa


Pegz - What would Happen


Pegz - Back Then


Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road (restrung)


Hilltop Hoods - Testimonial Year


Hilltop Hoods - Clown Prince (restrung)


Hilltop Hoods - What a great night (restrung)


Muph & Plutonic - Walking Tightropes


Muph & Plutonic - Heaps good


Muph & Plutonic - Day Off


Reason - Contemplate the Future


Hyjak and Torcha ft. Kye, Jase - Nutcase


and finish off with a classic


Def Wish Cast - A.U.S.T.

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