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mp3 players (at least 20gb)

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Ok well my Creative Zen Xtra just died on me last night :( It served me for a good couple of years, it was a faultless player!


Im kind of broke at the moment (well just shouldnt be wasting money on an MP3 player), and trying to avoid ipods (just a pet hate i have). Although as ipods are so popular, i notice their pretty cheap on ebay compared to other brands which IMO are better, but not so popular.


I havnt taken notice of mp3 players lately, so I dont really know whats around and what is good value, etc.


It needs to be at least 20gb, prefer closer to 30gb. I dont think that sort of size would be that expensive anymore would it? Not as expensive as the $600 i paid for my 30gb creative back in the day :lol:



So gimme something to work with people!

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