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seaman's s15

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Hey All Silvia Holders!


My name is Vlad and my silviasickness:)

Russian holder from Karelia.

Bought a car in 2015 in Russia and it's my first ever car. So it was my dream since 17 years old. And finally, bought it in Krasnodar that 2500 km, from me.

And it still inspire me!

Engine is sr20de, but I already bought sr20det and assembly (it was particularly disassembled, didn't buy from auction, my friend sell it to me), so it will be soon turbo stock(I hope that))).

She has(yes, she!) hks hypermax II

5 manual transmission

I made some changes since when I bought. Chipping and made preventive corrosive measures from bottom and sides.

Now car in painting preparation operations, but I'm at sea.

I'm a worldwide Russian seaman, and when I have vacation all time spend with Silvia.

PS. Sorry for my English:))

From Russia With Love!



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