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4x16" Avanti Maze Rs + RE55 semis (used)

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Hey guys,


So....I got carjacked a couple of years ago, and lost a car I'd been working on for around 10 years (hence the inactivity on this forum, if you check my history). These wheels and tyres are from track days at QR, and are essentially (aside from photos) the last remaining parts. I'd thought about getting another one but eventually decided against it, as it just wouldn't be 'my car', if you know what I mean.


The time has come for me to finally move these on. Sorry for the emotion there - down to details.


These wheels are Avanti Maze Rs, and can fit multiple offset, as you'll see in one of the photos - 14x114.3, 4x100, 4x98, or 5x100. they haven'tbeen re-drilled; I bought them that way new. They've been used a grand total of three times, and the tyres on them are Bridgestone RE55 semi-slicks which have been used I think 6 times, and should still be good for a track day or two, but they're getting old (6 years I think). They're 16x7.5", and the tyres are 225s.


They've been sitting in my shed for the last 3 years doing nothing, and every time I see them I'm torn between selling them and not wanting to let them go. The wheels cost me $650 new, and the tyres another $800 or so, but honestly if someone can use these I'll give the tyes for free and halve the price of the rims - $325 for all four.


Any questions just let me know here, or send me a message on 0413 375 509. Name's Tim.



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