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Another s15 Wheel Fitment thread...

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Hey there guys, first post and hopefully not the last. I have a stock 2001 Nissan S15 (ADM).

I have searched and searched and have been on rimtuck.com for ideas but am still not wrapping it around my head quite well...


I want a 'perfect' flush fitment for my s15.


In terms of body and suspension:

- I have a set of Tein Fully Adjustable Monoflex Coilovers which I will be putting in

- Vertex side skirts and a vertex rear bar will be the bodykit

- I wish to lower the car to 10mm from the tyres to the body






Wheel: Stock 16"

Tyre: 205/55 R16 - 2 Fingers from tyre to body


Wheel: Stock 16"

Tyre: 225/50 R16 - 2 Fingers from tyre to body


I am trying to decide between 17" and 18" but am leaning towards the 17" size.


The wheels I am looking at are:


- Varrstoens ES2

- Work Meisters 3pc

- Work Emotions


- I also wish to have some dish in the wheels and am also open to any other wheel ideas.


- I do NOT wish to put spacers on.



My idea for the perfect fitment is:

17x9+22 FRONT 17x9.5+22 REARS


I would love some help figuring out a good setup and I know I am looking like the biggest jube right now but I hope that is enough information :)


The car is also used as my daily and gets driven a lot throughout the week.




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depends if you want spacers or not.

I do not wish to use spacers n0nac

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google search for "the tyre bible page 4"


do some math and work out if it will fit.


ill say nope not without modifications or spacers, i cannot remember what way the offsets require spacers.


9" front is a snug fit with some lipping and roll with right offsets.


i run F 18*8.5+30 R 18*9.5+35 rears needed lipping only, front fit perfectly .

to me ^^^^^^^^^^ they are sensibley awesome offsets. fill the guards, no rolling of guards, and dont scrub the coilovers.


also stock offsets are +45 i think, look up google for that too. u need it to work out the widths.

16*7 size. tire size isnt hte only thing to work out what you need. that just tells you rolling diameter so your speedo isnt out.

also on the tire bible website.


use sensible sizes and offsets, so you dont require ballerspec offsets then you wont need to worry about f**king new tires on your daily all the time.

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Really depends what you are after,


On my s15 I've managed to fit as big as 18 x 9 0 (215/40) and 9.5 -1 (225/40) with just lipped and rolled guards but it isn't very functional. I have two track cars so I really doesn't bother me and is more about the stance and cruisin.




More functional fitment will be around 9/9.5 +15 ~ +22

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