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GEELONG MEET 2pm sunday

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Hey guys, some of us guys from SAU and other like minded car enthusiasts are having a little get together/meet and greet down at Geelong waterfront eastern beach car park (along the shamans rival quarter mile) so come along, bring your ride and lets get to know each other a bit better other than the "casual wave" we seem to give each other.


If it evolves into a decent size group then we will have organised events/ cruises/ bbq days etc etc.


Its a free group to join and does not affiliate with SAU or SAU - VIC nor does it affiliate with NS.com, its just a friendly gathering.


please don't turn up if you plan on ripping big skids, or if your car is unregistered/unroadworthy, our cars attract enough attention as it is, so lets not make it worse.


so to recap - 2pm sunday geelong waterfront, no d***heads!!


cya there!



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Hrmmm the weather is fairly good on Saturday, although being Geelong dheads will be present in there commodores :P

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