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LS2T 180sx

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This is my 3rd S-chassis and the 4th different engine I will have put into one.. Ive done a CA build, an RB25 build, an SR build and now a 6 Litre LS2 build.


You'll recognize the shell as Kemp's old 180, it came up and it was very 'right place right time' for me so I snapped it up.


The inner bogan in me always wanted something V8 powered, so I sourced a guy wrecking out a rear-hit VZ Maloo and purchased the engine and box. I'll be going single turbo as I feel its cheaper and less of a headf**k trying to make an N/A setup fit nicely and relatively inexpensively.


I've stripped most of the engine related wiring as it will serve no purpose for the LS, I have left the chassis wiring as Pulse have done a great job. Gave the car a quick clean up as it was sitting outdoors and that wasnt doing any favours for the paintwork.


Already sourced are the major bits and pieces:


LS2 from a VZ Maloo

6 speed T56 M12 from VZ Maloo

Sikky Swap Kit

Stainless forward/down turbo headers


I have a set of Meisters I bought off SamB which fill the widebody nicely, 18x10-7 and 18x11-20.


Engine will retain the DBW and be fitted with a full Haltech ECU and Harness package, with an IQ3 Logger dash, EGT's, wideband etc.


Turbo will be something like a GT4788 or PT8891, just on a low boost level because stock engine w00t.gif


The car has adjustable arms which I am thinking of swapping out for more stock parts, but that will be down the track. I'd really like a set of MCA Blue's to go into it also.


Here are some pics, mostly collecting bits at the moment so ill update this once I actually do some work.






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Man this is pretty much exactly what I'd like to do to my s15. Will be watching it closely

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Interested in seeing this progress!

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