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Found 156 results

  1. seaman's s15

    Hey All Silvia Holders! My name is Vlad and my silviasickness:) Russian holder from Karelia. Bought a car in 2015 in Russia and it's my first ever car. So it was my dream since 17 years old. And finally, bought it in Krasnodar that 2500 km, from me. And it still inspire me! Engine is sr20de, but I already bought sr20det and assembly (it was particularly disassembled, didn't buy from auction, my friend sell it to me), so it will be soon turbo stock(I hope that))). She has(yes, she!) hks hypermax II 5 manual transmission I made some changes since when I bought. Chipping and made preventive corrosive measures from bottom and sides. Now car in painting preparation operations, but I'm at sea. I'm a worldwide Russian seaman, and when I have vacation all time spend with Silvia. PS. Sorry for my English:)) From Russia With Love!
  2. Hi all, I was told by the previous owner that this pump was removed from an imported Nissan Silvia SR13 with the SR20DET motor. Can anyone recognise this pump and tell me what other Nissan models had this pump? Every Silvia pump that i have seen is different.
  3. Want to buy

    Hey peeps. Im new to this group and am wondering if anyone is selling a 200sx s15/ s14, willing to buy today or as soon as possible. Thanks. My number is 0450113610
  4. Hi, I've been looking into silvias for a while now and have done much research. However, one topic I cannot find any answers on are the SR20's transmission codes. So my question is, what are the transmission code for the SR20DET 5 & 6 speed boxes? (Like supras have W58, V160, V161etc) And also, while we are at the topic, are the transmissions different from eachother on for instance an early SR20DET and a SR20DE? And another question, what amount of power can they handle unmodified? Thanks.
  5. 180sx roll cage

    Hi have a have cage in my 180 arse end is stripped but want to put seat and inner rear panels back on who can help me cut the 2 holes in it I have fucked 3 panels now 😥 I just cannot get it right and want it to look neat
  6. 180sx front bar WTB

    After a front bar for sr 180 let me no what you got Vic only or a cheap one interstate can text pics 0405429728
  7. Hello all, I am new here so go easy Okay so I think my SR20det's turbo has reached the end of its life. It is making a loose grinding noise and has negative boost, I am going continue taking the turbo off tomorrow but just wanted to brainstorm. Anyone had anything similar??
  8. my 180sx

    so my 180sx arrived in november 2013, its black with gold drift teks, sr20det with Garrett GT28R turbo, full FMIC setup, radiator, fuel pressure regualtor, r32 brakes all round, ISC coilovers, tie rods, a phantom boost gauge, D1 spec deep dish steering wheel, gizzmo boost controller, and some aftermarket front bar currently looking into a new radiator and boost controller, along with hydraulic handbrake as its for a drift car
  9. ISC N1 coilovers SALE, please click the below link to see our full website with prices and description. http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/coilovers-
  10. I have some parts that i am selling because i cannot afford to finish off the rest of the dream project due to financial circumstances. They've been collecting dust for a very long time. Fresh and unused parts. All have been bought fresh from Japan at great prices. Genuine $hit. The TURBO itself was bought from here in Sydney and it took me a very long time to find the rear housing. I had to get it sourced from a shop in Brisbane. For the SR20DET engine. - HKS Step 2 Cams 264 12mm intake/12mm exhaust = $500 -HKS Valve Springs to suit = $250 -Nismo 740cc Injectors (x4) = $550 -GARRETT GTX3071R w/ 0.64 REAR HOUSING + ADAPTERS TO SUIT MANIFOLD IF NEEDED = $2100 (Seriously sad to sell this badboy T.T) ^will only sell together with the housing. - SARD Fuel regulator (BLUE COLOUR) + extra adapters = $170 PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Facebook post link with all the pictures of the parts: https://www.facebook...614706438&rt=11
  11. Hi all, Has anyone used ACT NS1-XTSS before? I searched but didn't find any topics, which is weird enough as I thought it was a popular choice. Im thinking of buying it, got an sr20det, around 450hp and 50kg of torque. Im basically after a street friendly clutch which can withstand abuse as well. I dont want funny noises, or too hard pedal. According to ACT this seems to be a good option. Thanks in advance
  12. S15 Silvia SR20DET Complete Blacktop Engine, 6 speed gearbox, ECU and Loom Reason for Sale: No longer completing a car project, was going to put it into a TA23 Celica, which I'm also selling. Out of a S15 Nissan Silvia (JDM), with 250 ps (183.88 kW) / 6400 rpm (274.59 N⋅m) / 4800 rpm The ECU is stock and from the same car. Hotside included, as in turbo, manifold, etc. The gearbox was originally from the same car, so its a pair from factory. It comes on a pallet for easy shipping. I can organise shipping at the buyers expense. Link to pics: http://imgur.com/a/WAw2v Inspections are welcome. Hoping for $4800 ono Pickup from North West of Sydney Shipping - I can organise it, but you pay for it.
  13. External wastegate position

    Does it matter how far you position the external wastegate from the exhaust manifold?
  14. Car is a 1994 180sx black top sr20det with garret 2860rs turbo running external wastegate So i just changed my manifold gasket, turbo/manifold gasket and dump pipe gasket and now i have smoke coming from the turbo manifold area? One thing i forgot to put back on the car is the external wastegate boost pressure hose on the pressure side of the intercooler pipe but now when it idles for 20/30 seconds it starts smoking a little around the manifold area? the car hasn't been driven but only idled. the smoke smell is only coming from the external wastegate pipe itself, i smell inside the exhaust manifold and dump pipe and nothing smells like it's burning, one thing i did which was probably the cause of it is i used copper high temp sealant around where the wastegate bolts too as i didn't have a metal gasket on me and also where the dump pipe connects to the front pipe. the sealant is rated to 60 - 370c I have ordered new metal gaskets for my wastegate and dump but before i bolt that bitch back on Any info will be much appreciated!
  15. My 180sx / Made to Slide

    Here we have my 180sx, owned it for about 6 months now. Great car, scary to drive which makes it so fun. Anyway ill stop talking and start with the spec. Perfomance HKS 2835r Turbo (make up to 310kw) Apexi fc computer 18psi 3inch High flow cat/Sports Muffler Spaghetti Manifold Xedy cushion button Clutch 1000cc Injectors Braided Turbo lines Splitfire coilpacks Oil Catch can Handling Torque Dampner Coilover strut bars front and back 4.11 r33 diff R33 Front Brakes Its currently making 275kw atw, Still have plans to make it much faster and bulletproof. Let me know what you guys think and if you's have any tips or ideas. Will post pics of engine and stuff just need to take some more photo's.
  16. I just wanted to gather as much information as i could about intake manifold/ intake plenums for the SR20DET as i found it to be very interesting personally. I will provide product link info also an approx price. As i find it very interesting in both design and hopefully we can get some feedback also /. * will update more as i find more information PLAZMAMAN https://plazmaman.co...mid=302&cate=71 Price: $995.00 Suits S14 and S15 SR20DET engines Billet CNC base with hand made sheet metal dome Utilizes OEM long runners for strong mid range torque 20+kW / 30+hp gain with supporting modifications Uses Plazmaman billet throttle body, 60, 66, 72mm available Ram tubes optional The ultimate plenum for your SR20DET, simply bolt on, tune and make power! Ikeya Formula 4 Throttle Chamber http://www-en.ikeya-...ry/1983341.html\ Price : 3k Increased air mass flow by turbo tuning will become resistance if normal throttle and surge tank are used. From these reasons behind, - Review on the capacity and structure of surge tank to deliver the increased air mass flow to each combustion chamber effectively. - to stabilize the even air suction system to each combustion chamber by having quadruplet throttle. By solving these issues, it's made possible to produce smooth/ powerful force and torque in addition to clear engine responsiveness at high/ middle revolution range. Mazworx S13 SR20DET Hi-Port Intake Manifold Link: http://www.mazworx.c...e-Manifold.aspx Price: $1095.00 Recent tests showed a substantial power gain over stock manifolds with compromising low end torque. With its revolutionary CNC billet runners, full upper plenum, 90mm throttle body provision, IACV and vacuum ports makes it ideal and a must have for all high horsepower SR20DET applications. State of the art design for optimum flow. Also includes a Mazworx top feed fuel rail -10AN in/out. Fits both RHD and LHD configurations. Fits 14mm x 60mm injectors. Greddy intake manifold link: Ebay Price: $200-300 knock off $600-1200 genuine This one will be tricky to review or find information because this manifold is extremely common and is a realistic modication given its price its definately "bang for buck" out of all the manifolds. That and also the fact it looks 10x better than stock. Hypertune Nissan SR20 link: http://www.hypertune.net/ Price: $2800 The design process begins by assessing the original vehicle and engine characteristics, as a guideline for the products development. Considering our customers requirements and installation limitations, parts are designed and analysed using advanced computer software to produce prototypes for testing purposes. The characteristics of the intake manifold are developed to increase overall efficiency, particularly in the mid and high RPM range, whilst minimising detrimental effect on low RPM response. Consideration is made for modified engines (camshafts, turbochargers, etc.) to assure the products performance and suitability for high output applications. Initial designs are sent to our highly experienced distributors worldwide, for testing and refinement. Once the design has been perfected, manufacture of the production parts begins. MANUFACTURE Hypertune Intake Manifolds are manufactured using state of the art CNC machinery, and metal forming techniques developed in-house. The goals of the manufacturing process are: + faithfully represent the CAD designed and developed parts + produce a high quality, structurally sound and reliable product + maintain the fit and appearance expected of a class leading product To maintain accuracy of critical dimensions, the entire intake runner is CNC machined to accuracy within .005mm. This tolerance is well beyond the capabilities of most porting services, and guarantees that your intake manifold will be suited to the best prepared cylinder heads. Although this process is very time consuming and expensive, we believe it is the only way to achieve perfection on a part that is critical to the performance of the intake system, and often difficult to prepare by hand. Plenum chambers are produced using a unique hydroforming process, developed in house. This allows us to produce a light weight, structurally sound part, with smooth surfaces for maximum flow potential and good appearance. The manifolds are finally welded and assembled by true craftsman, who pride themselves on producing some of the highest quality and most unique products in the industry. We recommend that this manifold be ordered with a 77mm throttle body flange. It can also be ordered with a 90mm flange for high-power applications. Currently, this product is only offered in a 4 injector configuration. It is designed to suit 11/14mm top-feed injectors and must be used with a Hypertune fuel rail. Kit Contents Hypertune Inlet Manifold Hypertune 77mm Throttle Body Hypertune Fuel Rail (Please Specify 11 or 14mm in Checkout )
  17. my build

    So in the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to gathering general information on a 300rwkw build. Been through so many threads and but now at a point of information overload with contradicting information on different threads. The car will be used as a weekend car and will not be tracked. And yes, I’m well aware that 300rwkw is overkill on the road as it won’t be fully useable. But this is a goal that I’ve set for myself, hence the 300rwkw target. So far, this is the list I believe that I will need to get it all going to make the power. *ENGINE/LONG BLOCK* 1995 180sx sr20det non vct Tomei Poncams 256/256 Tomei RAS kit Brian Crower Single Spring/Titanium (might as well while I’m working in there) Spitfire Coil pack HKS 750cc Injectors China cooler 600x300x76 z32 AFM OEM bottom end *INTAKE/FUEL* GReddy intake manifold 60mm throttle body Fuel pump (Bosch 023) Tubo back exhaust Manifold??? *EXHAUST/TURBO* HyperGear ATR28SS2 T2 350~500HP Braided turbo lines Greddy Profec Electronic Boost controller *ECU* Vipec or Power FC How much power do you think that this setup will make? Is there anything I need to change?
  18. HI Guys, I have an internally standard sr 20, with some Tomei Spring and Tomei 270 Cams. I had this turbo from another project that i put on and ran, but to be honest its a big laggy for me. Turbo is a Garret 3082 / 64 rear housing. JK 0111J / 700177-5014 Here is my dyno from friday's Tune (gates 15psi - and its just got a ball valve to hold boost, hence its a bit flakey) Im thinking im not running enough boost to make this thing efficient anyway. Im very curious how much less lag a 3071/64 would have as i can just keep my housing from the existing setup and not change much. does this lag seem normal for this size turbo on a sr? is it more the cams? /discuss keen to hear your thoughts.
  19. hi, okay so im buying a 200sx sr20det and i done a compression test on it and here are the resaults: 125/125/120/125 cold crank, is this normal with the following engine mods? (mods done 5 years ago) Greddy forged pistons Forged H beam connecting rod ARP head studs Balanced bottom end High performance cobalt iron rocker arms TOMEI Oversize Oil Pan kit Cusco Oil Catch Tank kit with custom made AN10 braided hose fitting Custom made Inlet Piping kit Z32 Air Flow Meter Spitfire Direct Ignition system
  20. Help!! I own a 1991 240sx with an sr20det running 17psi. It has and Apexi power fc , Apexi neo, 500cc injectors, walbro 255 and some drive train mods. The car was driving fine and then suddenly lost all power. Got it home checked the fuses, the fuel pump fuse was blown so I replaced it. It started but only ran for about 2 seconds before killing. Bought a new fuel pump, same thing. Bought a new fpr, same thing. clean injectors and replaced fuel filter, same thing keeps happening. Runs for a second and then dies. Any ideas anyone????? I am stumped and sick of replacing parts trying to trouble shoot Kris
  21. How do i delete this post?!
  22. Hi guys, bought a new S13 project recently and working on making it road worthy. The only issue now holding me up is non working hazard lights. Indicators work but they flash really quickly. I've changed out the hazard switch with a known working one but same problem. If I turn on the hazards nothing lights up and indicators don't work either. If i turn off the hazards via the switch the indicators will come back but flash quickly due to a lack of resistance. Previous owner told me he has changed the relay but this has not solved the problem. Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem and where I should be looking? I'm not great with diagnosing electrical problems, once I know what to look for can solder and have basic use of multimeter.
  23. Hey there. Question, So I bought a Silvia S13, motor has an S14 SR20DET in it, use to have a ca18 non turbo. Therefore the car has a LA2 mod plate, according to the info on the QLD exemption form I can get an exemption for it but only under as a HPV ( high performance vehicle ) not under as a MPV ( moderate performance vehicle ) because of the engine swap. Does anyone know if this will limit me being able to drive my car at certain times? Thanks
  24. Hey buds I'm doing a sr20det swap because my Sr20de clapped (big end knock) and my silvia has an immobiliser. In my swap i have a loom, injectors etc blah blah blah i have it all. But will the immobiliser be a problem during my swap? or when i plug everything in should it all be good and run fine? Cheers