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  1. WTB s13 complete fuel pump assembly

    i have one bud pm me
  2. Partial Wrecking S14 Using this shell for a employees drift car Here is what is for sale Complete S14 SR20det engine previous owner purchased it from a importer a few months ago I have the receipt . Has new water pump , lightened pulleys, unknown turbo looks to be a chinese t28 . perfect compression have a vid of it running $1650 S14 manual conversion . Box drove fine before we stripped the car. Only fault I could pick was once it was a bit hard to put into reverse . Had to put it back to neutral let clutch out and then it went into reverse. $850 whole conversion Series 1 bonnet $100 Series 1 guards $50 each S1 head lights plastic type $40 each Rear seat belts $80 Space saver $30 Factory jack $20 Ac condenser $40 Ac lines complete set $50 HKS hyper coilovers some surface rust no leaks no knocks bushes in good condition as well as camber tops $550 6 bolt rear shafts $35 each 6 bolt r200 4.08 abs diff $150 Carbon canister $20 Stock radiator $30 Bonnet latch $15 S15 rear Seat $50 Turbo back exhaust . Split dump 3 inch stainless front pipe into stainless then goes to mild steel with a magna flow muffler ( see pics ) $300 the lot Stock front sway bar with links no d shakels $15 Cluster surround trim $20 S1 dash $30 S14 rear calipers and discs $80 S14 handbrake cables $20 pair I think that's about it off this car We have a heap more of s14 parts in stock if your chasing anything else Located Newcastle 0402555849 Can freight Australia wide
  3. wanted to buy sr20det s13/180sx ecu

    I've got a working one
  4. sr20 blacktop block and head + loom

    ive got a s2 engine loom
  5. WTB s14 rear bumper

    Hey mate are you after a genuine stock bumper?
  6. Let me check tomorow dude . Got a few
  7. Silvia Parts S13 S14 S15 S13 manual conversion $1100 S14 manual Conversion $1300 S15 6 Speed manual conversion $1200 S14 BB JDM t28 $300 S14 Intercooler kit sits in radiator support where condenser is mounted $300 S13 s14 Nismo Flywheel rs521 $250 S13 s14 nismo clutch disc cooper mix 80% $150 S13 S14 S15 greddy bell mouth dump pipe $100 S14 6 bolt abs cusco 2 way diff 4.1 $800 S15 6 bolt abs 3.69 Nismo GT Pro 2 way $850 j speed fender braces S15 $80 Section coilovers s14 8kg 7 kg fully adjustable $700 Cusco zero 2 rear coilovers s14 $350 Tein caster rods s14 s15 r33 $100 Defi racer 52mm gauges white boost press and temp . Oil pressure sender missing $350 Defi bf white 60mm gauges with link controller . boost water temp oil temp .One power link wire missing $350 Yashio factory water temp gauge $150 Blitz r vit type 2 engine monitoring $200 Recaro Sr6 Mint condition $850 no rail recaro Sr3 leather sold Recaro Sr3 Black with tear $200 Recaro Sr3 dc2 fitted with lancer cc passanger rail $350 Recaro fixed back $500 Also wrecking s15 spec r jdm and s14 s2 jdm All parts located Newcastle Can post Australia wide 0402555849
  8. I've got a set of brand new brackets to mount a jz in a s chassis Comes with 2 engine brackets and gearbox brackets $250
  9. s14a 2jz drift build

    Hey guys I thought Id share my build with you . I purchase this shell off a fellow member for a good price and it's on the way next week to my work shop. The aim of this build is to make a drift car with lots of low end torque and response. Not chasing massive 2j figures. Another aim is to use as much used parts as we have in stock to show you can build a decent car on a budget not spend thousands extra on brand new parts when good quality second hand parts is all that is needed. I'll up date this with pics as the build goes on . Progress so far Chose the engine last week . We are going to opt for a low km 2jzgte vvti jza80 engine . Currently installing new timing belt tensioner oil pump water pump rear main cam seals and TRD thermostat. Converted sump to 1jz front sump with single turbo oil drain neck. Running USA conversion engine brackets which retain the original crossmember so we are using nismo Sr20det mounts fitted tomei exhaust cam gear We are going to run a gtx 3076 .82 twin scroll turbo on e85 tune . I'll post up some pics of the install in the next fortnight .
  10. Up for sale Jap half cage for 180sx with plates $450 posted S14 6 point full bolt in cage $650 posted Newcastle
  11. Hi mate What I'd the thickness of the intercooler ?
  12. Work Meisters 18x9.5 18x10 $2200

    So tempting . Just a little out of my budget. Are you negotiable at all ?
  13. haltech I'd 1000 hydro

    Hi Before I buy new does anyone have a ps2000 with a jza80 2jz patch loom? Rpw selling them for $2000 atm. Also after a haltech iq3 Id 1000 injectors Hydro set up for s14