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  1. Wrx 2000 king spring help

    yes im 100% sure they are stock lol
  2. Wrx 2000 king spring help

    The front is but the rear is down
  3. Wrx 2000 king spring help

    Should I replace the rear springs with other stock springs and see whats happens
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I got a stock wrx ecutek tune and its running 15psi at 4000-5000 rpm.. Connect my boost gauge directly to the empty nipple on my intake manifold.. How is that
  5. I want to get lowered king springs for my rex, then I realised that the front is higher than the rear, I can put my whole hand through the front gaurd but the rear my palm won't fit. Is that normal, Can any1 help, coz I dont want to lower the back if it suposed to b like that or it would b too low. Both front and rear suspension are stock