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  1. Thanks for that mate. I guess it wont then as i have a s1 with only drivers airbag..
  2. sorry to bring this up again but does the airbag have no issue with the ecu & diployment etc with a JDM s15 steering wheel into aus spec s1 s14? thank you
  3. S14 Weather Shields - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used Hey guys, Need to sell these weather shields asap to fund my roof racks. They are origin JDM weather shields for s14. I bought them with the intention to keep dry on the wet pan and general cruising around when its wet but now need to take spare wheels to the track and roof racks don't work with these. They are black and not transparent. $150 firm posted anywhere in oz with e-go. otherwise $140 pick up. text me on 0411700074. heres a pic
  4. S14 Weather Sheilds - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used Hey guys, Have a set of copy jdm s14 weather strips. They are black & not transparen. $150 posted anywhere in oz through e-go. Or $140 pick up from Sutherland shire. Only reason for sale is I'm putting roof racks on & can't be used with these. Pics up later. Text me on 0411700074
  5. digging up old topic but anyone in the know where to get ones that come on & off from with no damage on the roof or holes etc. I want them so i can run a few spare wheels on the roof to get to drift days and to look like a bawwwss lol.. I have found this overseas topic but hoping there might be a local alternative.. http://www.northwestnissans.com/board/threads/100400-240sx-Roof-rack Thanks in advance
  6. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    this is so awesome, probs prefer it as a s13 front but hey, still fully sick lol
  7. s14Lee's Zenki

    Mate is this the dark aqua colour or concord grey? Id be interested in your JDM zenki rear bar & pods if your selling them now.. or the kouki rear bar.. pm me..
  8. zenki 14 with navan goodness

    haha i just read that to & saw the boat so was like hmm lol i get it.. but thanks mate.. really just trying to sort it out.. Do you think you are running more than -1 on the fronts with that fitment? Im looking at wheels in a 9 with bout +12 but so hard to figure it all out.. What tyres are you running to on a 9.5? i was thinking a 215/45 17 or 215/40/18 depending on what size wheels i go for but ye..
  9. zenki 14 with navan goodness

    didn't seem to find it but what are the specs of the new wheels? & this pic here can you tell me what your camber & suspension specs are and if your running spacers? if so what size front & rear.. It looks tops in this pic.. Im trying to buy wheels but specs are so hard when people run spacers & suspension setup as well.. i want mine to look exactly the same as this!!!
  10. Zenki S14/ Hit & Run...GONE :(

    What are you doing with the Kouki rear bar that you had? Its same colour as mine so i would be keen to buy it off you if you want to let it go ..
  11. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    How can they suspend your rego? & how long for??
  12. Kez's Zenki S14

    So got the 2 up lights in & projector kit on its way, also the mrs bought me a Turbosmart boost T & boost gauge .. Just had drift mobs drift day & did a quick edit of the footage all shot on go pro (I'm no scott mitchell so please don't hate).. hope you can enjoy & appreciate..
  13. Kez's Zenki S14

    they are just covers but thanks man.. can't let my secret go coz they are still pretty unique but if you can find them congrats
  14. Kez's Zenki S14

    the year model is 96.. Got them from a member on here .. they are in & look sexy as lol.. Thanks for kind words as well... really deciding on what wheels now.. & offset & sizes..
  15. Kez's Zenki S14

    SO haven't posted in here for like 3 months lol. Been a few things happening.. Now on Driftworks Coilovers, 3 inch turbo back exhaust with A-spec blast pipes, Has OEM front lip, 2- up CF rood wing, genuine east-bear ganador mirrors that work with the electrics , R32 rims rattle canned for lulz in purple & one in primer coz ran out of purple lol, & viva garage wing i have yet to be bothered to prep & put on.. & by end of this week or early next will have 2-up clear headlights on there way which will then be retrofitted projector style , & new plates.. Now pics talk: Want to know thoughts on these wheels (photo shopped pic of ZENKI in QLDs car) & my drift helmets Next will be nardi wheel for sure & a gktech or similar no hole intercooler kit