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  1. s13/180sx strut braces

    Cusco front strut brace - $80 Nismo ca18 front strut brace - $100 Pick up from Geelong West. Text on 0433236694.
  2. Pair of Recaro sr3 seats with rails to suit s13,s14,s15 and 180sx. Both in good condition with only a tiny amount of wear on the bolster of the black one. Both on jap rails and the drivers side rail has been modified to sit lower. $900 pick up from Geelong West. Text on 0433236694.
  3. s13 silvia reo

  4. s13 silvia sr20det manual

    $8500 ono
  5. s13 q's to k's project

    The car is now pretty much finished. All that is left is get a catback exhaust. Tried to get the inbay cooler setup organised but turned out to be quite difficult. So to save some time and money I ended up just putting in my old front mount kit. It has all been painted black so it isn't very noticeable which I'm happy with. Here are the final specs, Engine/Drivetrain: sr20det blacktop t28 turbo blitz fmic gktech rocker arm stoppers koyo radiator hpi split front pipe aftermarket dump pipe nismo engine+gearbox mounts gktech braided turbo lines lightened flywheel exedy hd clutch 4.1 lsd nismo clutch pedal bracket gktech braided clutch line tomei short shifter gktech shifter springs Interior: nismo steering wheel recaro sr3 seats yashio factory display meter Suspension/Brakes: bc coilovers nissan front strut brace cusco rear strut brace cusco castor arms cusco camber arms gktech toe arms gktech bmc stopper bm44 master cylinder gktech braided brake lines nagisa auto guard braces poly subframe bushes solid steering spacer superpro steering rack bushes superpro sway bar link bushes new oem rear wheel bearings 5 stud conversion with s14/s15 front control arms r33 turbo brakes boxed castor arm brackets Exterior: gtr style grill r33 gtr wheels bridgestone re001 225 45 front bridgestone re002 235 45 rear It drives really well with this new setup. It's not too harsh and can still be used as a daily which is what I'm currently doing. There are still a few small things I want to get sorted out until it is complete but for now I'm very happy with how it's turned out.
  6. 5 stud conversion problems s13

    So is it just about the line actually sealing to/in the caliper or does it effect the fluid pressure in any way? (Sorry if that's a dumb question, I'm just keen to learn about it)
  7. 5 stud conversion problems s13

    Are you saying you shouldn't use the flare fitting style line if the olive has been removed from the caliper? I was using that setup previously and didn't have any issues.
  8. contacting forum member

    He said his company was 'All Drift Modifications' but I can't find any way to contact them.
  9. I'm trying to get in touch with -LCD- 'dan' about if he still makes the inbay intercooler kits. We were talking about it a year ago and he linked me a facebook page for his business but I can seem to find it. I'm sure he'll be back on here as he was last on only a while ago, but I'm in a bit of a rush do get the setup sorted. If anyone could help me get in contact with him that would be great, Cheers.
  10. I think the best upgraded bmc to use is a bm44 from an r32 turbo non abs. It's designed to work with the larger two and four piston calipers and also has the ports in the same spot as non abs s13's and 180sx' so is a bolt on mod. I use one in my s13 which has r33 turbo front and rear brakes. The pedal is a little softer than with the oem setup but the brakes work really well. I haven't experienced any fade with the fell of the pedal. That is with the small bm33 booster too. I believe the largest one you can get that has the same port spots is the r32 gtr n1 bm50. Non abs and designed for brembos so would definitely have no trouble dealing with nissan calipers. Downside is they are hard to find and quite expensive I think.