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  1. Tuning :s just got sr20 dyno'd

    are you sure you"re not grounding a power wire? If the pump isnt receiving enough power it will be little loud while the pump is priming and noisy at idle. If the pump DOES reveice enough power it will be LOUD when priming up and barely noticeable at idle.
  2. 180sx running rich *dyno sheet*

    yeah that power level was expected (happy it isnt leaning) especially with stock ecu. im just wondering if the dips in power/torque at 3500rpm and 5000rpm are normal? faulty knock sensor maybe? Probably best if i do a diagnostics and be sure:)
  3. hey guys dynoed my car today but it seems to be running rich across the whole rev range. ive been searching heaps of threads but havent come up with any usefacul info. So i thought id ask So the current setup is blacktop 180sx t28 FMIC Stock airbox with extra flow 3" exhaust (New cat + Hks super dragger) New Walbro gss342 255lph fuel pump with new ground New fuel filter New oil New bcpr7es plugs Cleaned AFM TPS Working IACV cleaned Injector cleaner used recently Turbosmart boost tee set at 14psi. No vacuum leaks Compression Test Results Cyl 1 153psi Cyl 2 156psi Cyl 3 152psi Cyl 4 157psi
  4. Tuning :s just got sr20 dyno'd

    Start by running a new fuel pump (walbro 255llp gss341/342) and attach a new ground to the pump. Then check your fuel pressure on the dyno with an inline guage. check if theres any fuel smell from your fuel pressure regulator vacuum line. These are the two most common reasons for leaning out on sr20dets. If problems persist see your doctor
  5. 180sx type x wing

    Definitely with...suits the kit
  6. Best way to remove liquid gasket

    razor blades work a treat...helps if the region is warmed up first.
  7. What is this plug?

    Whereabouts do the wires lead to?
  8. heres a good "how to" install video.
  9. Know any good window tinters?

    Ground Zero Tinting...Do most cars for under $200
  10. Rota Wheels Australia

    y u no make multistud:( is it safe to re drill holes for 4x114.3?
  11. Catalytic Converter

    200cells fine...if you want more flow and dont mind a hint of fuel fumes then go 100cell:)
  12. Adjustable lowering springs?

    remember its not whether your body is above 100mm its whereever under the car. Some people have low hanging exhausts which is illegal height if under 100mm
  13. Deleting o2 sensor and tuning

    Basically if you're running decent power (IMO over 250rwkw) with standalone a o2 sensor is not required. Fpr BPU street car a HEALTHY o2 sensor is a essential.
  14. Adjustable lowering springs?

    you're better off paying a few hundred extra for a set of used coilovers