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  1. will my engen Blow?

    why would you get "a engen rebuild" if nothing is wrong?.... thats abit of a stupid question...how about u say that to someone who is tryin to get 300rwkw and why woudl u buy a boost controller...dude aer u fukin serious...maybe to control boost...h,mmmm?
  2. will my engen Blow?

    its not that the turbo carnt hold the 15psi theough rev range..its that ur boost controller..most likly a autobarn bleedvalve carnt hold its boost and is spiking..im saying with my previous exp from 15 to 12
  3. will my engen Blow?

    man its possible to run 30psi through a stock turbo...jsut say good buy to it at in a hours time...
  4. u dont need to upgrade ur lifters... all u have to do is really just get springs which u alwayus have to get when u get hks step 2 cams.
  5. engine rebuild

    bahaha...BULLLSHIT.. man shit as to wear in..its got to be running smooth.ofcourse ur goin to get metal flakes after a rebuild...i still get metal flakes and my car has done 100kms...and thas with all my imports ive had..they still flake after 100kms... does ur friend no wat a turbo is?
  6. what mod/mods to do for $1000

    get a avcr and boost 20pounds!
  7. AFC's and SAFC's

    yea i got 200rwkw on a safc gen 1. but if u got enough money man get a computer...dont wanna be running a piggy back all ya life
  8. What do i need for a rebuild?

    f**k is it that cheap really? my build is costin me like 6grand and thats hks step 2 cams hks springs h-beam eagle rods aeris 20thou pistons acl bearings nissan gaskets shot peened crank has this hi octane got a website? and are venoli pistons any good?
  9. CA18det rebuild

    stock, u can get a stock rebuild for 3k...mose well buy a new ca for 1k
  10. 10,11 sec sr20det?

    haha 180athid no i dont own red car sorry man, im after some info that is relivent to this thread guys so can u plz keep ur comments to ur self,240rwkw at 18psi...ok sik i like runnin heaps of pound too!
  11. 10,11 sec sr20det?

    180athid u like postin shit after people do u... tahts y i blocked u from msn , u aint touchin my car.!!!!!!
  12. hey guys, im currently goin through a sr20det forged rebuild and was just curious if there has been anyone on ns.com that has ran a 10/11 sec quater mile. wat turbo set up did u have, from wat radiaotr u used etc. wat internal work was done. wat fuel system u were using how much pound u were running, how much power u had from tyres to clutch. i wanna no everything that u had to do to acheive this sort of level. im currently goin through this project to have a 10 sec pass...and wanna now how much pain,stress was done cheers Adam
  13. mate ive done the rb20 conversion b4 and it aint that great...the rb20s are only good if u start modding them...ive talked to alot of people that done the rb conversion and they say they woudlnt do it..including my self.....either keep to a sr..and do a forged rebuild which im half way through OR go rb25
  14. hey guys, i currently have a blitzz dd bov and im startin to get sick of the noise..want something new... i was just wondering is htere any other bov which fits it this adaptor, i dont want modify my piping as its all been welded from turbo to cooler to prevent piping poping of. if someone can help me that woudl be great...CHeers Adam
  15. the safc is ur air fuel ratio piggy back..u can either lean it which means runs less fuel or runs richer...when u say u got it tuned to drink less pertrol did u do it ur self? cause maybe u got it to drink too much less petrol