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  1. On the cheap option you can go something like BC coilovers, they're good value for what they are, and can be really comfy on the softest damper settings. Could you have a go at doing it yourself? Basic suspension work is pretty easy.
  2. Welcome man, how did you go about getting the 15 into the states, I've heard it's really hard to do?
  3. Any Vapors on NS?

    My mate bought a really cheap one once and it was so harsh. Heaps unpleasant. Are the expensive ones smoother? Also, how's the 'hit' without the smoke feeling? I've been tossing up getting a good one but I loves them smokes to much
  4. S13 or S15

    It sounds like you're fairly new to silvias man, perhaps consider buying a closer to stock model, saving yourself $8000 and putting it away for future mods. This way you can upgrade as you find limitations, as apposed to having a pre built car where you're unsure of the quality of work.
  5. S13 or S15

    I went from driving a 180 to an S15 recently. My 180 copped bearing failure and eventually seized, it was my 3rd motor in a year (spread between my 180 and project S13) and I decided that I wanted out of constantly buying and dropping motors into cars, I just couldn't shake the bad luck. From what I can see, most type x 180's are going for $12-$14k, I got my JDM S15 for $14k with 95,000km's on the clock (although import so I can't really believe it). I resisted the newer car for a while because I love my 90's cars, but the more I drive it the more I think it's a better car, for myself anyway. It's smoother, less road noise, handles a bit better IMO (both cars have pretty similar suspension setup, except the S15 has Tein's where the 180 had BC's) and the T28 power band is a nice change since the big 3071 top end beast that my 180 was. The only problem for me with the changeover has been the gearbox, I don't feel comfortable smashing the box like I did in the 180, but my box in on the way out anyway so that might have something to do with it. Either way I think you'll be happy, but i'm going to say S15 if you've got the money to spend.
  6. things that annoy you

    People who can't stay in their lanes. In the last two days i've had 5 people start randomly drifting into my lane next to me, only to jerk back into theirs when I give them a beep. I expect this shit from busses and trucks, but you're in a Honda jazz and you have massive white lines telling you where to go, how can it be made easier for you and how the f**k do you have a licence? One dude had the nerve to flip me off and lost his shit because I beeped him after he came a few cm from my side mirror. Not even around corners, just cruising straight at 60kph, I bet a f**king phone is involved every time.
  7. Epic car fail thread

    Found a few goodies from my old phone;
  8. S13 Acceleration Jolt

    It's NA... What do you mean exactly by jolt? As in it stutters? Jerky? Too touchy? I'm struggling to picture this.
  9. appreciation thread

    Haha, you're not getting NSFW, then i'd be liable to lose them myself
  10. appreciation thread

    My missus is 10E natural None of that saggy bollocks either, i've been high fived by jesus for sure. Besides the obvious, open spaces. Farms, snowfields, empty highways. Love that shit.
  11. would you buy it

    What would you be looking at for price? Not asking much can mean $300 to one guy and $3000 to another. It really depends, but considering what good nick ones are going for at the moment, you'd probably get someone keen if it was in fact a good price.
  12. when to shift on t28bb

    I don't know what you guys are talking about I take McLarens off from the lights all day long.
  13. when to shift on t28bb

    T518z might be a bit small, I'd be looking at least 300rwkw to beat P Platers. When I was running 260 in my 180, I juuust couldn't pass V6 commodores.
  14. SE Hoons

    How's that for logic, they are wasting police resources on car meets and stuff because “Their mere presence there is creating headaches for us,” ie, simply existing, and that is somehow costing lives by redirecting police attention? Isn't that a sign that the police need to actually do some real work, rather than people with modified cars needing to cease existence? Also, since when could police not respond to a rape at 4pm, just because there was a murder last night at 10pm?
  15. Sr20det on KE55? what parts do i need?

    I've always wanted to build an SR KE, but after couple of years with Silvia's I decided it'd be a better project when I'm older, have a good operational daily and a decent paying job to fund it. It's simply going to take so long on limited funds, and take such a chunk out of already limited weekly spendings that I don't think it would be appreciated properly and end up being a never ending moneypit. I think it's a killer conversion, but not without stable financial backing.