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  1. So i'm currently building an rb26... Using: JE/Nitto 86.5mm Pistons Nitto Rods Nitto Oil Pump Oil issues have been addressed head and block wise. 2200cc injectors Running e85 2860-7 turbo's Having head flowed, and can have mods for cams as required. Will do spings and valves. What cams do you suggest Duration and Lift wise? Aiming for 400kw but more if I can without running out of turbo's
  2. R32 4 Door Rolling Shell - $750

    Price : $750 Condition : Used Bought this car for the non hicas rear cradle and diff. Has been good for parts to pass regency. Body is in rough condition, tipped it on its lid to remove the cradle. Missing most of interior Still has brakes, crossmember etc. Cusco coilovers all round Will come with R200 Diff Brand new hicas lock bar in it Need the thing gone. Please BYO wheels. Will sell without coil overs for $300 ono
  3. 400rwhp RB25 R32

    What are the specs on the meisters?. Wouldn't mind fitment like that on my 32
  4. Rim weld?

    Sturm's mechanical and manufacturing- 49 Byrne avenue, somerton park SA 5044. PH 82951202
  5. Steering wrack spacers

    cheers for the help guys
  6. Steering wrack spacers

    Can anybody help me out and tell me the OD and ID of solid steering wrack spacers so i can make some up while im at work without having to measure anything??? (Going on a R32)
  7. Braided brake hoses, which ones to get ?

    I recently installed hel lines and havn't had a problem with them. They came with rubbers that fit into the standard brackets on my r32 which was good
  8. Shit talkers' thread

    Recently changed a mates clutch in his 33 for him. The hoses at the back of the engine (that are a bitch to get to without box out) were leaking so i put hose clamps on them instead of those shitty factory clamps. Worked for a bit then they started leaking again but he said he could do it himself, so i told him just to take the starter motor off to get to them. Couple days later i get a call... Mate- "so pissed off man, I'm gonna have to take my gearbox out again!" Me- "why?" Mate- "Cos when i pulled the hoses off, heaps of water went in my bell housing and i need to drain it out" Laughed it off and informed him that there is a hole in the bottom, so he got back to replacing the hoses. Half an hour later I got a call... Mate- "Ok this time i am pissed off!" Me- "why?" Mate- "i was trying to put the starter motor back in and i dropped a bolt..." Me- "and???" Mate- "it fell through the whole into the bell housing" Some people just shouldn't work on cars haha
  9. things that annoy you

    So you change your clutch, and while your doing it you think 'ill change the rear main while I have the gearbox out'. Couple days after having it together theres oil dripping from the bottom of the bell housing... FML
  10. Chuck an ad on some of those AM stations. If you call up while they are on air its free
  11. I use Caltex 98 in my 32 and it goes much better than V power. Would use BP but its not as handy and it seems the same as Caltex. Vpower seems to make for good off boost power but on boost is average to say the least
  12. Weird gear box problem in the rain

    Hmm... Well I'm thinking that the rain is just a coincidence but its strange that it happens with every gear
  13. Weird gear box problem in the rain

    Correct me if I'm off the mark here guys because i have only ever stripped japanese gearboxes out of trucks, but it sounds like you may have a problem with the detents on your gearbox. Detents are what gives you the feel of a shift and assists to stop gears jumping out. Is it just first and second that you cannot select or is it all gears?