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  1. mechanics in newcastle

    hey guys sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot im new to posting on this website..im looking for a good mechanic in the newcastle area to do a 100 thousand service to my s15 and i also have a weird grinding/screeching noise when i accelarate but it only happens when the car is moving..if i take my foot off the acelerator then back on the noise starts and it only really stops when i get to high revs..any help would be appreciated.
  2. need a blueslip done

    Hey guys im looking a buying a 180sx in QLD..therefor will need a blue slip done in nsw,,i live in a small country town and there isnt alot of places who will do a blue slip and the ones i went to wanted me to take alot of things off the car before they would pass it..the car im looking at has got the basic mods.cooler,exhaust,rims,coilovers nothing to crazy..so just need a place in sydney or newcastle who will easily pass a car with those sorta mods cheers guys