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  1. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Some of us are still here Mark... sometimes LOL Well done on the time mate. Top job!
  2. Just went through the WHOLE site and cleaned up so much shit from every forum. The General Chat, Cars for Sales and Stuff for Sale has thousands of junk posts (16000 in one of them) so no chance of cleaning it up unless a senior mod can do a bulk clean (I can only remove 45 at a time) Probably all in vain but hey at least I tried
  3. I don't have that authority (nor functionality) to do that sorry. Only a senior moderator can do that and who knows the last time one of those was on here. Such a shame to see this site go to waste. I tried to go into the spam topics and ban/delete the member in the hope the posts would be removed but it doesnt allow me to do it. I'll try and keep an eye out for spam on the first and second pages of the main forum areas from time to time.
  4. Hey mate, Haven't been on here in over a year or so! Bit late but better than never! I started to delete the threads and had a look and there is over 21 pages of the crap on here and could be more. I'll delete what I can but will take forever so wont get through it all. EDIT Its farked! Over 100 pages of crap on this and other sections......... I deleted the stuff in the parts for sale, members rides and member intro but the rest is too far gone.
  5. CAMS - General Information

    Hi, As requested, this is just a quick information dump on CAMS and info that some may need. I will update this ongoing and improve the content. Taken from the CAMS website; CAMS - Confederation of Australian Motor Sport With so many different forms of motor sport in Australia and over 1,800 events run each year there is surely something for everyone. How do I get involved? See whats out there. Attending different types of motor sport events will help you work out which discipline of the sport you would like to become involved in. Motor sport events are run on almost every weekend of the year in each state, ranging from grass roots events like club-level hillclimbs and motorkhanas, to international events like Rally Australia and the FORMULA 1™ Australian Grand Prix. Join a CAMS affiliated club: Clubs are the backbone of the sport and can be a fantastic source of information. Joining a club helps you meet people who can assist you to get into the sport. Clubs can also be a great place to buy spare parts or even your first vehicle. Many clubs run come-and-try days and some even provide vehicles so that you can experience first hand what motor sport competition is all about. To search for a CAMS affiliated club CAMS Car Clubs You can search by club name or State. Unfortunately NS.com is not a affiliated club. To do so would require a fee to be paid and completion of the form on the bottom of the page and other criteria. Perhaps in the future.... CAMS Affiliated Club Membership Form Link Competing v Officiating As a motor sport competitor, you will experience the thrill of being in the driver's seat, or the passenger seat, depending on the event. The cost of competing varies according to the category and level of motor sport, but the one thing every competitor needs is a CAMS licence. The other popular and less expensive option is to become a volunteer motor sport official. Officials are required to enforce the rules and regulations of the sport. Volunteering at club-level events is the best way to learn what being a motor sport official is all about. There are also a number of specialist officiating clubs which provide opportunities for new officials. Venues for Motor Sport Events This can give you an idea on where to go and who to contact to get involved in events. Venues Licensing Competitors make up an important part of motor sport. To ensure that every competitor is fit and capable to compete, all competitors must be licensed correctly. This means that they have met the standards required for: * medical fitness * knowledge of the principles that underpin the competitive and safe nature of motor sport * demonstrated practical ability for the discipline of choice In addition, all competitors are required to comply with the CAMS Anti-doping Policy. This assists all involved to enjoy motor sport in a safe and responsible manner. What Licence do I need? This link has information on the different event types and what licence may be required; Motor Sport Disciplines Clicking on the icon will give you a description of what category/class that licence type covers. Licence Types: This is a good summary of the licence types. There are many and as above you would need to know what licence is required for the motor sport activity that you plan on getting involved in (see above) CAMS Licence Types Level 2 Speed (L2S) The Licence that most of us would need to enter local track days without the need to pay local track day licence fees is the Level 2 Speed licence (L2S). This is an entry level license so does not allow you to enter official races or rallies (see race or rally licence list) but it does give you entry to most if not all tracks in Australia without the need to pay local track daily licence fees etc. This is a simple licence to apply for; * Download the form * Complete the form * Enter your credit card details * Send the form back to CAMS by post or fax or email scan The only requirement is to be a Car Club member affiliated with CAMS (see list above). To join one of these clubs simply contact the club and enquire. A medical examination is not required. Once the form is completed and to CAMS, your licence will be sent to you in approx 5-10 working days. Vehicle Requirements Some vehicles require log booking if they are to compete in certain classes or events. Road cars do not require log booking. Logbook Information If you have any questions not answered by the above information, please post and we will try and answer it for you! Cheers, John
  6. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I've put them on my car but haven't driven on them so can't comment on that. Only thing I can say is that they are very wide for a 255. Almost a 265, plenty of width.
  7. As per topic. Must be good condition and with both fuse boxes, ie under dash box and engine bay fuse box. In Sydney. Thanks 0403434495
  8. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Great effort Mark! Always doing more with less!
  9. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Looking good mate. No info on the new POWAH!!! haha should go alright now, more power, less weight, more aero... all you need now are some fat 295's under the corners!! BTW good luck at the sprint mate... playing cricket unfortunately otherwise would have come and helped out.
  10. E85 my current setup?

    Just try it. Put the E85 in there and get it re-tuned. 99% of cars make more power and make it earlier, so your car shouldn't be any different. The 2560 you have should be good for up 220-230rwk or so (from memory... its been a long time!). If it doesnt make more up top due to other restrictions (cams?), it will make more mid range. If the fuel pump and injectors cant handle it, upgrade them or revert back to 98. I think the 460cc are too small but like above get a fuel reg and up the pressure. Thats what I did when my 740cc maxed out 260rwk Not sure why you are procrastinating when you have access to a dyno that I assume is free.
  11. Hi, After a set of carbon fibre doors for an S13 Silvia. Ideally with mounting locations for electric windows. New or used as long as in good condition. In Sydney but open to reasonable postage costs. Cheers, John 0403 434 495
  12. Wanted: S13 Carbon Fibre Doors

    Yes however they are pure race only ie no holes for electric windows.
  13. Wanted: S13 Carbon Fibre Doors

    Thanks mate but they dont sell them anymore.
  14. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    They are very nice wheels and also one of the lightest on the market. Good decision. Pics when they arrive.
  15. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Nice parts list. Where did you order the weds from and how much, if I may? I have the rpf1 in that size and want a 2nd set of wheels.
  16. WTB: s13 Silvia RH Guard (VIC)

    I have a black bonnet. In Sydney!
  17. Hey, All of us have cars that we are building, modifying, etc but may not want to create 'build threads' about them. So I thought I would start a thread where you can post general stuff about your car. That is; general updates what's happening with it? things your trying mods your planning issues your dealing with stuff your fixing etc etc Try and keep it realistic ie not talking about a Tomei 2.2 stroker if you have no intention of doing it!! I know it will be quite random and a bit all over the place but I am sure people would want to hear about it. Hopefully will be a source to also get some help (motorsport focussed) but the basic idea is to create some general chat about OUR track and street cars! Cheers, John
  18. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    98 or E85? Sorry if i missed it. Sounds like you love it which is great. Back to wakefield soon?
  19. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Interesting stuff. Do it all Dan and let me know how it goes. I'm doing my suspension later on so you can be the test LOL
  20. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    That's very interesting. But like you said it makes sense the higher UTQG rating tyre would be up to temp quicker and more effective from a standing start. For a 10-15 lap event things change quite a bit. What are the competitors using?
  21. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    The performance out of the hankooks would be way better. Would be a second or two difference surely. Do it and worry about the cost later!
  22. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Whats the price of each option? The wheels would be quite similar, the tyres would be the big difference i imagine.
  23. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Option B if it fits the front.
  24. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Track cars are a pain.