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  1. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Some of us are still here Mark... sometimes LOL Well done on the time mate. Top job!
  2. Just went through the WHOLE site and cleaned up so much shit from every forum. The General Chat, Cars for Sales and Stuff for Sale has thousands of junk posts (16000 in one of them) so no chance of cleaning it up unless a senior mod can do a bulk clean (I can only remove 45 at a time) Probably all in vain but hey at least I tried
  3. I don't have that authority (nor functionality) to do that sorry. Only a senior moderator can do that and who knows the last time one of those was on here. Such a shame to see this site go to waste. I tried to go into the spam topics and ban/delete the member in the hope the posts would be removed but it doesnt allow me to do it. I'll try and keep an eye out for spam on the first and second pages of the main forum areas from time to time.
  4. Hey mate, Haven't been on here in over a year or so! Bit late but better than never! I started to delete the threads and had a look and there is over 21 pages of the crap on here and could be more. I'll delete what I can but will take forever so wont get through it all. EDIT Its farked! Over 100 pages of crap on this and other sections......... I deleted the stuff in the parts for sale, members rides and member intro but the rest is too far gone.
  5. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I've put them on my car but haven't driven on them so can't comment on that. Only thing I can say is that they are very wide for a 255. Almost a 265, plenty of width.
  6. As per topic. Must be good condition and with both fuse boxes, ie under dash box and engine bay fuse box. In Sydney. Thanks 0403434495
  7. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Great effort Mark! Always doing more with less!
  8. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Looking good mate. No info on the new POWAH!!! haha should go alright now, more power, less weight, more aero... all you need now are some fat 295's under the corners!! BTW good luck at the sprint mate... playing cricket unfortunately otherwise would have come and helped out.
  9. E85 my current setup?

    Just try it. Put the E85 in there and get it re-tuned. 99% of cars make more power and make it earlier, so your car shouldn't be any different. The 2560 you have should be good for up 220-230rwk or so (from memory... its been a long time!). If it doesnt make more up top due to other restrictions (cams?), it will make more mid range. If the fuel pump and injectors cant handle it, upgrade them or revert back to 98. I think the 460cc are too small but like above get a fuel reg and up the pressure. Thats what I did when my 740cc maxed out 260rwk Not sure why you are procrastinating when you have access to a dyno that I assume is free.
  10. Wanted: S13 Carbon Fibre Doors

    Yes however they are pure race only ie no holes for electric windows.
  11. Wanted: S13 Carbon Fibre Doors

    Thanks mate but they dont sell them anymore.
  12. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    They are very nice wheels and also one of the lightest on the market. Good decision. Pics when they arrive.
  13. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Nice parts list. Where did you order the weds from and how much, if I may? I have the rpf1 in that size and want a 2nd set of wheels.
  14. WTB: s13 Silvia RH Guard (VIC)

    I have a black bonnet. In Sydney!