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  1. im a 2nd year apprentice as i need it for work but i was thinking if i can get a work exemption and i can drive a prohibited vehicle from and to work then i would drive my evo
  2. I've been wondering what the conditions of these exemptions are, if anyone has one or knows more info about them i'd be very appreciative. and whether they extend to owning such vehicles to which they allow to to drive on these exemptions?
  3. if you remember what you said on the letter? and how long ago was this? because im going to try to applying for a exemption thanks How long ago was this? and If you got a work exemption and get catch driving your turbo car on work hours what would cops do? beacuse i own a turbo car and have a n/a as my daily, i ask my employer for an exemption and he said he will write me a letter to RTA as im a 2nd year apprentice. im thinking of applying for work exemption and personal use. i got pull over about 4 months ago got a fine on the spot but the fine never arrive in my mail box ring up RTA and they don't know anything at all. thanks guys
  4. TE37

    what about 2nd hand? (black)
  5. hey guys I'm just wondering how much are the TE37 17x9.5+15 are? Thanks.
  6. Cruises

    how many people is going next week?
  7. Hey guys how's it going? i just would like to know how much are the vertex body kits go for? (glass fiber) just the side skirt and the rear bar cheers guys.
  8. Sax man

    hahahah good one
  9. you think its alright for the prize but ? yeah cheers for the help guys thanks alot
  10. yeah the car is on revs i ask the owner he said what the radiator been push back here i got a photo of it
  11. Yeah i went to check out the car and the car has been in a accident it was a front end accident so i dont know if its from that as well what do you guys recommend? cheers for the helps guys
  12. hmmm the car sounded like horse but when the car rev more then 3g its sound normal so yea
  13. hmmm yeah 13,000 its pretty cheap but i don't know what is the problem with it,you guys might know what could cause it and how much it will costs?
  14. what do you guys think?
  15. ohh i went to check this car out yesterday its a autech hr put the prize down to 13,000 but the car was misfiring.