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  1. Twin Turbo 350z

    I haven't seen an intake manifold that's any different. I wouldn't mind cause that one is not ideal.
  2. Twin Turbo 350z

    Updated pics in first post
  3. Bloody positive and pro active step. Look forward to seeing it. I'm gonna drop my car in friday night and run but I'll be back saturday for a look.
  4. Genuine RAYS 350z wheels?

    This section is dead. Most people are over at www.zclub.com.au I don't know if they are the same or not. I would imagine that they would of made there own copy and changed them slightly to avoid legal ramifications from Nissan on the OEM wheels. But that is just a guess.
  5. LOL. The D2's in my 180 were the same. They made so much noise and leaked and were just rubbish. But they held it together. Ghetto spec FTMFW
  6. Twin Turbo 350z

    Moven RG5's they're called. 20x9 +40 Front 20x10 +20 Rear They are not Brembo Brake friendly I have to run a 5mm slip on spacer on the fronts to clear them.
  7. Twin Turbo 350z

    ***UPDATE*** Brought some new rims. Now I just need to get my little bobtail wing painted and put on, Coilovers, LED Tail Lights and Plates. But she's definately on her way.
  8. Is round 3 going to happen?

    It's too expensive that's the issue. No one wants to give it a go cause it costs so damn much. Or so the common complaint I hear goes. Tandem runs scare the shit out of noobs and yet they have to pay for a CAMS day when they don't want to run tandems. Bring back the good old days where everyone went 1 run at a time and the price was reasonable to do so. Or not I don't really care. But it would help get more people there is it was cheaper.
  9. Twin Turbo 350z

    Just fitted H.I.D's from Maxvision Australia. Very easy to install and a great cheap product. Just waiting on my blue High Beam globes to arrive so I can put my head lights back in and my bumper back on. Anyone found it annoying you need to pull your headlight out to change globes :/
  10. Twin Turbo 350z

    Heaps of plans. But we'll see. L.E.D tail lights and bigger wheels. Cosmetics mostly.
  11. Martial Arts

    It depends on what you want in a "Martial Art" A Martial Art is exactly that an ART. Not a fighting system so much. They may teach you self defence but it's more about being able to hurt someone without doing it. Kicking someone to the face and stopping it just before contact etc etc. If you want "SELF DEFENCE" MMA/BJJ/ Muay Thai is the proven system. It's brutal and conditioned and it's not a skill (as such) it's beating another guys brains in while taking damage yourself. Which might not look awesome but it's damn effective.
  12. Twin Turbo 350z

    Sorry only Iphone pics.....
  13. Twin Turbo 350z

    It's a power Enterprises kit. If you google them it comes up with all the things that come with the kit ie: bigger radiator sump fuel pump etc etc. I am in the process of getting it mod plated for registration here in TAS. They are taking ages too which sux. If you download the install manual for the turbo kit from power enterprises it shows photos and everything on there. You can't even see anything other than cooler piping in the engine bay. It's fairly tight in there.
  14. Twin Turbo 350z

    Yeah I think you do. The speakers stay but the amp I think needed replacing to a pioneer one to run the other stuff. From what the guy told me when I bought the car it was a pain in the arse and the stereo installer he normally uses (a mate who knows a little bit) scratched his head and then they took it to a pro tro get it fitted. If you've paid the money for the Pioneer unit like mine surely paying someone to install it is nothing..... They are pretty expensive once you buy all that. Sounds awesome now. Would definatly recommend it.
  15. Twin Turbo 350z

    Has Haltech fuel ECU. Power Enterprises twin turbo kit - Front mount Bigger radiator, Piping, Bigger Injectors, Bigger fuel pump, Bigger sump. Tuned buy Autotech in Sydney. Pioneer AVHC DVD player with Ipod and Bluetooth and GPS. Think that's about all she has. It's an awesome car. They're awesome straight out of the box.