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  1. Hi


    I'm 25yo, 91kg, 180ish cm tall. Lost about 30kgs over the last few years. but i still got a few more kg's (4-5 would be nice) of fat that i want to get rid of.


    I've been weight training quite a bit lately. usual stuff: deads, squats, cleans, press variations, row variations, pullups, etc. I'm pretty happy with my progress in that department with regard to strength gain. But I don't do much cardio at all apart from playing indoor soccer, and a bit of bball with mates.


    My diet is mostly clean with the occassional, controlled, light binge. Otherwise heaps of veggies, lean meats, some fruit, yoghurt, nuts, not much carb apart from morning oats, and i take protein powder.


    Heres the problem: I have an Epigastric Hernia, its a tear near the middle of my top 4 abs. It doesn't hurt, but I've got my operation for it today. It was caused from lifting, and probably from being obese before because the doc said i have a slightly larger gap between my abs.. presumably from stretch resulting in the weaker tissue in the area.


    Doc says I can't do any exercise for 8 weeks after the op. Week one i'm not too fussed because i've been lifting almost everyday for the last month cos i knew i'd be losing muscle so i'll let the body do its thing, after this i'm planning on doing alot of walking incl. 10km walk home from work a few times a week at least then look at increasing to jogging a bit as i start to heal up more. I'll be assessing my ability to lift light weights around the week 6 mark but nothing silly you know, just cosmetic work.


    Basically i need ideas on how to minimise muscle loss in the next 8 weeks, whilst making progress in the fat loss department, without doing weights.


    Any help would be appreciated.



  2. i play basketball with friends, we play for fun not to try to become pros. Its not a sports program, its just a game.


    I've got a punching bag i haven't used to vent on in ages cos i don't get that stressed cos i don't take everything that seriously.


    Its apparent to me that you, m&m, are very focused towards making every effort count towards generating the results you and your clients are after because thats your livelihood and your passion. To people like me its an aspect of lesser importance because i have other things i need to focus on, and subsequently, jogging becomes a reasonable compromise.

  3. far out, ppl take things way too seriously these days.


    its a forum... discuss...


    i lift weights to get strong and to look good. I do all compound lifts: deads, squats, rows, presses, pullups. I also jog for basketball, soccer, getting to the train when i'm late, and to see the hot women running around the tan. I also do some mountain biking. Just cos i do something, i don't expect everyone to do it and enjoy it or even understand why i do it, I just tell em how i see it and let them figure the rest out. Stress less..

  4. yeah i'll be hitting the ON stuff again after i get through the met drive, but seriously the med drive rocks for flavour and texture (chocloate all the way) I had some myopure sitting in some tubs for like a year and they seemed to get bugs in there somehow, so bulk storage would have to be pretty air tight.


    oh, and check out the curry dude on chapel st. he's pretty cheap when it comes to ON...

  5. myopure stuff is good and cheap, no flavour, no b/s...


    shouldnt you try something first before buying 100kgs?


    i bought a lot of Metabolic drive from the states while the dollar was decent, split with mates. best tasting stuff i've ever tasted...

  6. used but in near perfect condition. the one with hand controller has no visible scratches on the controller.


    pm me.


    one is for a friend but i'll take responsibility for it.

    reason for sale: project that never happened


    prices are firm for now...


    powerfc no controller - $750


    powerfc with controller - $950




    postage $10.



  7. i was at the melbourne central ff with after work crowd, there was this one guy i was watching in the mirror cos i recognised him from uni. He put his towel on the squat rack and waited, then he saw a free incline bench so he dragged that over to the squat rack and put it infront of it facing the rack, then he got some dumbells, and waited, then he grabs another barbell and puts some weight on it. so now after about 15 mins he starts stretching.... 5 mins later he finally starts to lift. 1/2 squats with about 70kgs for 8 reps, then 8 deadlifts with about 80kg, then incline bench with about 25kg dumbells. then he drops the weight and runs to the other side of the gym to do pullups and dips, then comes back for the next set, then he's gone in 15mins leaving everything there. I pissed myself watching this guy, was soo tempted to steal some of his weights while he was doing his dips. but it also pissed me off that this guy hogs all this equipment during peak hour. such a tool


    some of the trainers are definitely whacked out, the weird sht they make their clients do on a bosu ball is just fkd up...