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  1. s15 backfires

    i hope you guys realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the stock bov. Rather than spending more money on fuel, a loud bov, and retuning, you could just keep the stock one and buy something more usefull.
  2. might be a good idea to get a rear toe reading aswell. you probs bent an arm, or maybe the rear subframe. You can try replacing a few arms and see how you go, or take it to a proper suspension place to have a look. I know of a good one which fixed my mates bent subframe on his s15. no other places could figure it out, but these guys found that is was off by 3 mm in about 15 mins of inspection. PM for details of the place
  3. get an impact socket, only has 6 faces, tap it on with a hammer, and turn.
  4. I think the fronts will fit. but the rears definately wont.
  5. Stock r32

    i ran 12 psi. no knock, turbo is in great condition.
  6. RB25DET 180SX?

    300hp =246.18 kw say your car weighs 1200kg's your power to weight is 205kw/tonne 300kw skyline lets say it weighs 1450 kgs for your sake power to weight is 207kw/tonne rb25 in 180sx, you figure it out. "i have of course done a lot of work to it," "it has only got mild mods " decide man. my mates skylines made 700nm of torque before the 3litre forged bottom end went in
  7. r32 skyline help

    personally, i wouldn't trust a remap, since the tuners i see here who remap don't do the best job. Should look at power fc and search for the best tuner. exhaust noise will cover for the noise of an external fuel pump. they make more noise than stock, but while driving whey aren't deafening.
  8. RB25DET 180SX?

    like mantioned earlier, a td-06 20g+ would be okay for a fair bit. I personally like the garrett range and would go for something like a gt30
  9. boost guage

    buggered, take the bulb out of the back and stick your finger in to f**k with the mechanism, worked for me somehow. or else take it back.
  10. rounded sturt nut

    get an impact socket and hammer it on. they only have 5 faces, so not much room to slip. first try the right size, if not , use a smaller size.
  11. i'd also suggest he koni's
  12. i want some reliablity

    get an oil cooler. and choose your tuner wisely. get some gauges, t-bolt clamps for your cooler piping, surge tanl with external pump may help. catch can....
  13. gasket explanations

    garret or gcg makes a gasket kit for sr20's. its around $50 and has the dump and turbo gasket in it among other misc. ordered a kit from repco. other companies also make the manifold gasket, got one for about $30 from local auto parts dealer.
  14. suspension

    get something damper adjustable, springs will only move as much as the shock permits. try the koni's, i feel they are a better all round shock than most.
  15. RB25DET 180SX?

    you idiot..... for all intensive street purposes, the rb25 will crap all over the sr. people say is will affect the handling, but will you ever really corner that hard on the street?? If you were setting up for track, i'd say to forget the 180 and just get a skyline, but i assume you want the 180 cos it looks better to you, which leads me to believe you'll be on the steet 99% of the time. i've seen 300kw out of an rb with stock internals and a conservative tune. another 10ish% and your puching your lick in reliability, but that 300kw wasn't too hard at all. go the rb
  16. Gredy Pulley kit

    theese are factory replacements i would assume so stock belts will be fine. keep in mind that this can/will affect the harmonics if the crank pulley is changed, due to lack of a suitable damper.
  17. r32 skyline help

    he's right man, SAU your best help. I'd be looking at full 3 inch exhaust, fmic, boost controller, power fc, bosch 040 fuel pump or something else big internally, fpr, 550 13b injectors, something like a gt28 or gt30 to get things pumping. doen't forget a clutch and brakes to match. oh panel filter to keep things legal, stock bov doesn't leak, keep it. hks adjustable actuator to control boost would get rid of need for boost controller. Take sticker off power fc, colour injectors the same as stock. paint fmic black for sleeper effect and you should be as legal as possible.
  18. r32 with rb30dett. stock boost gauge and oil pressure gauge. 5 stud. 4pot front calipers 2 pot rears climate control telescopic steering wheel heaps better seats with more adjustment. oil change in 10 mins can't go wrong
  19. Bar n Plate VS Tube n Fin

    http://www.are.com.au/feat/techtalk/intecoolersMR.htm read this before you waste your time reading what idiots like me think...
  20. Fuel Problem!

    car will blow up...... don't stress
  21. usually theres 1 hose for signal to waste gate actuator 1 hose for boost signal from cooler piping or turbo outlet 1 for manifold pressure after throttle body and 1 bleed hose to nothing/air filter get a manual cos you will have to play around with the gains a little before its acurate
  22. nissan charged a mate about $2.50 for one nut for his s15. but they had to get it sent down from brissy. no extra freight charge.
  23. Engine

    hydraulic lifters in sr's as far as i know. Nothing to worry about.
  24. check the base timing, maybe retard it a few degrees.
  25. yeah. intank (lift) pump ---> surge tank surge tank --->pre filter ----> external pump external pump ----> filter -----> fuel pressure reg ----> fuel rail excess fuel from rail -----> surge tank surge tank over flow tube ----> fuel tank