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  1. Problem with S15 Boost

    thats what the stock solenoid is meant to do, hold low boost till certain rev range, then slight bleed for higher boost. just disconnect.
  2. s14a turbo troubles

    sound to me like you cooked some bearings, but i'm no expert. take off ht eintake piping and have a feel of the comp wheel for play and spin. or get a mechanic to take a look.
  3. nah definately projector, the car was a 1992 gts-t type m. had h1's got a headlight with an h1 still in it as proof.
  4. Power fc it?

    It will give you an improvement for sure. make the car run more efficient, and the hand controller is great for diagnosing problems. worth it...
  5. RB20DET Conversion

    suspension is different from what i've seen. Jump on skylines australia for details about the conversion. I think its pretty much a straight swap for the block, box, and ecu.
  6. RB30 fuel pump

    i agree 040 is worth it.
  7. my normals were H1 on my r32.
  8. new rotors?


    i sold a rear 5 stud conversion last year, and the hand brake cables were very important to the customer. This was out of an r32.
  10. Which Turbo

    I'd choose a garrett cos they are good quality, and cheap. There are heaps of options available for various requirments, and they have released their comp maps for even more info. Probs look at something in the GT28 to GT30 range.
  11. master cylinder sizes

    r32 gts-t 15/16 inch
  12. 5th injector

    it was commonly done in japan instead of upgrading all injectors, they just run 1 or 2 extra. There are a few Additional injector controllers (AIC)'s made by jap performance companies, eg. Greddy Rebic.
  13. sr20 vs rb20

    same crap every month.............. they both have their strong points......
  14. r32 rb20

    probably looking at somewhere between 160 to 170 at the wheels depending on the dyno
  15. the third one is for the air to bleed out to the intake, so you can block it off, or connect the new solenoid to it depending on what kind of solenoid it is. When i say block it off, i mean the little hose on the intake, not a third line on the solenoid.
  16. remaps limit your choice of tuner. here in vic, i would rather get an safc and pick the best tuner
  17. Installing Screen + PS2

    mmm...not really..iwell there might be but i dunno bout it. just slice into somewhere hidden and solder it up and tuck it away im sure u could get some sort of 2 into 1 connectors tho. btw this is nav2k at friends house...cbf logging in
  18. fuel cutting?

    you've never seen an fpr?? or you don't have one??
  19. fuel cutting?

    did you pick up any of those semi slicks??? what about the fuel plessure regulator??
  20. fuel cutting?

    yeah box came out alright, got rid of it today. I put the housing on my turbs and am trying to sell it, you can have the other one without the housing if you want, but i'm holding on the actuator. dunno bout your car though, maybe chack base timing?? fuel filter? i really got no idea.
  21. hehehhe, you guys still going. its been a month. but i'm starting to like this 'meet them half way' idea. I've aways thought of sils as street cars, and skylines as track cars. thats what i believe their reprective engines were shaped for. my 2c.
  22. fuel cutting?

    pump? coils? fpr? block bov and c...
  23. Turbo Lag...

    anti lag timing map....
  24. neeesaaan. cost about $2.50 or rip it off a mates car and hope you don't round it again