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  1. i did one boost gauge install a while back which had probs. the gauge wouldn't read anything. In the end, i figured out that the t piece wasn't opened properley so i had to jam a pin throught the t-piece to open it up.
  2. ah k. so if the afm isn't maxing out. could be spark or fuel, right??
  3. fpr??? whats ecu pin 27 do??
  4. This is a dum Q's but short.

    yeah, i agree, the master cylinder can be tricky due to having to work up behind the steering column. The brakes fluid would have to be changed, and there could be more stuff to do. You might want to budget for at leat 1-1.5 hrs to be safe
  5. RB / hks2530 problems

    have you got enough fuel (pump/FPR)?? probs best to get a boost gauge and see how its actually boosting. but yeah, i wouldn't expect much form the stock ecu. your better off upgrading to a fully tunable cos the stock computer probably can't correct itself enough for that much power.
  6. hicas

    the hicas is supposed to engage at about 80km/h. I've been told that disconeecting it hakes it a little instable in that the rear wheels are still capable of changing angle without notice. i suggest you get a lock kit. look on www.skylinesaustralia.com ; there is someone on there who makes them for about $110ish, i think it might be skylinegeoff.
  7. Gearbox and diff oil

  8. coilover rebuild?

  9. front alignment, or wheel balance....
  10. EDFC

    flex?? i personally reckon its a bit of wank factor unless you are serious on circuit racing and need to adjust as tyres wear, or track conditions change. Not trying to insult you, but i get the feeling you wont be playing with it for more than a couple of weeks. but i suppose its nice to have when you want it.
  11. yeah i say motec. and antilag would be great for those with TITANIUM turbos. more info about antilag can be obtained throught GT4shadow. he's keen on rallying, and last time i spoke to him, he work working on antilag in his car.
  12. what is a FMIC?

    yeah, i think he got the idea.
  13. i hear good and bad things about the solenoid. good thing is that is plugs straight onto the factory loom if your car has a stock solenoid. bad thing is that you have to go through some menus before you can adjust, but then how often will you really play around with the boost level. i have one for sale with the map sensor. but he's right about the avcr, its got much more functions, but then it cost alot too. do you have time to look at the hand controller and the avcr?? Honestly, i'd go something like an evc or dual sbc or profec for around $350 over an avcr, just cos i cbf getting my boost tuned..... PS. have evc4 for sale too. hehe.
  14. really depends on driving, i used to have my good(boring) times occasionally where i'd get over 400k's, but that wasn't often. I preferred enjoying my car. but yeah, they drink heaps if you boost alot. Great reserve in the tank though. I used to be able to drive heaps with the fuel light out before it died, scared the crap out of my friends though, they always thought we'd never make it home. hehe fuels expensive man, calculate how much you can afford before buying it. its a popular reson for people selling them.
  15. S15 clutch querie

    i suggest a heavy duty organic. this will handle the power you are after, and will be easier to drive on the streets (traffic) than the brass or ceramic. Speak to LowRyder on the forums, he sells some clutches with very good prices. (his nick has some funny capitals thing happening) or PM me and i can give you his number. Also there is a place called Clutch Brake Services in Parkville. They have very competitive pricing also, and great bank of knowledge about clutches and brakes of course. just yellowpages.com.au CBS.
  16. need help choosing motor? Sr or RB

    DO a bloody search. this has been covered many times, and the search function is there to stop threads like this continuously reappearing. If the search doesn't help, then make a thread.
  17. Suspension?

    the kings are okay, the whiteline are better in some cases, in others, they have had a lot of complaints. I'd go the kings. But if you got the money, look at Tein or Eibach. Konis will be sweet. where abouts are you located?? i can recommend some place in melb for you to get quotes from if you are in Melb that is.
  18. Engine Dampner

    i say throw it out, and get better mounts if need be.
  19. Exghaust

    put another muffler or 2 in between the cat and the canon. or get a proper muffler instead of the canon. i had a fujitsubo giken muffler on mine with a 5 inch tip and it made crap all sound cos it was a proper muffler rather than a canon.
  20. where to get spare parts

    try the wanted to buy section.
  21. bypass the cooler, go straight from the turbo to throttle body, but drive slow, ie no boost. it will be easier than bypassing the turbs. How far are going??
  22. note that the power fc won't control boost except with the additional solenoid installed. so at the moment, a boost controller of some sort would be beneficial. for a power fc you would be looking at about $1000 for the unit and another $300ish for a decent tune. SAFC has less to tune so it will cost less to tune. Depends on how far you want to go and how your cashflow is. But mod slow so there is less chance you'll lose control of the car and stack it.
  23. i was under the impression that only the fronts came superlow, and the backs came in lows. People have recently been bringing the KYB AGX shocks in from the states. People use these on there 240sx over there and i here good things. Otherwise you can go for adjustable Koni's or bilsteins. If you are looking into secondhand shocks / coilovers make sure you get them checked. There is a place called toperformance in Mitcham which is the Koni distributer for Melb or OZ. They have a shock dyno which gives a good indication of the wear of the shock. My mate is getting some teins tested there tomorrow. I've had my Ohlins tested there and other friends had apexi, and other stuff tested there. good piece of mind.