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  1. $ or 2 channel amp.

    agreed *this is nav by the way*
  2. splits

    focal at gary's car audio, freeway car audio , basically any good car audio place. www.fhrxstudios.com for anything. theyre all RRP though, so u'll have to email him to get a pricing for yourself. gary's car audio etc. sell alpine aswell. DLS is nice too, again, fhrxstudios for it. IMO jb hifi dont have much to offer apart from the MB QUATZ range.
  3. t28bb vs hks gt2510

    www.cheapturbos.com US prices, but good indication of whats around
  4. t28bb vs hks gt2510

    take a look at the garret turbo's aswell, they come a little cheaper than the HKS as far as i've seen. And IMO you're better off buying a new turbo for reliability sake