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    Get a power fc... gives you option...
  2. OIL

    less weight draging on pistons, rods, cams, crank, etc. thus revs faster.
  3. s15 suspension

    sharper steer in and greater dynamic camber around corners.
  4. Sound insulation

    i uses 8 sqft per door. for both inner and outer skins. s13 should be similar. i'd say about 20 sqft to do a good job on the boot.
  5. s15 suspension

    look through the 'for sale' forums. Otherwise, your local suspension shap should have king springs for around $250ish a set. or you could go for whiteline springs. www.whiteline.com.au do things one at a time. and don't skimp on the alignment. its the most important thing
  6. s15 suspension

    I'd be looking at springs (250) , front strut brace($100), whiteline swaybars (400), and adjustable castor rods (200). A good set of shocks cost about $800-1000 by themselves for something like koni yellows.
  7. is my t28 stuffed

    probs good to take pics. You can get blowby causing oil to go into the comressor housing, and some may potentially leak through the back of the housing. Depends how much oil is there. I think its also easier to fit an rb turbo onto CA than an SR, but i'm assuming that t28 is off an SR.... If the flange is the same on the exhaust manifold, you should just need to get some lines made up/modified to match, otherwise you may need an adaptor plate or a different manifold.
  8. cooler piping

    smaller pipe will make the air travel faster, bigger pipe will flow more. You won't be restricting much going for 2.5. and probs cheaper. We have a FSAE restriction of all the intake going through a 20mm diameter hole (5cent coin) on a 600cc motorbike engine, and it doesn't even restrict that much. I'd say 2.5 inch will be more than adequate.
  9. Throttle Body

    waste of time....
  10. Replacing valve stem seals

    they use a leakdown tester like device to keep pressure in the chamber. but make sure you lock the crank with something, or else guess what happens....
  11. Single Piece Tailshafts

    have you looked into deflection due to vibrations in the shaft, i.e due to shock loading??
  12. Throttle Body

    curious as to why you want to swap throttle bodies??
  13. The RB20DET thread!

    i'm curious how much poeple spend on moddifying their rb20 and how much the conversion cost them. cos i'm thinking its a little too heavy for not much gain. I had an r32, as much as i'd like to say i was happy with the motor, i always planned an rb30det, or at least a 25.
  14. Nakamichi deck...never changing....
  15. Sound insulation

    sound deaden the doors for sure. they will help heaps with the sound of splits as well is remove noise due to vibrations of the panels. I've done my doors and floor on my CRX. they helped heaps, but i still get road noise at high speeds, i think it could be attributed to tyres, aero, and door seals. Usually the rattles are things that need to be tightened. There is a guy selling Dynamat Extreme bulk packs on www.teamcaa.com they are about $230 for 36sqft. i'd look at splitting this with someone else interested and is should be sufficient for what you want... Tutorials on teamcaa.. or ask Nav2k
  16. coilovers question

    take em off and get them checked/shock dyno'd before you use them...
  17. R33 stock BOV question

    If anything, the stock bov has a limit to the amount it can flow. At high hs apps, an aftermarket bov will potentially flow more air in the same time, this removing the pressurised air faster. People change them because they like the sound.
  18. Spark plugs

    o concur with these plug numbers, and have used them on sr20 with good results. But yeah, if you want iridiums because its easier to change once every 18moths or so, go to that like $66 for 4
  19. referring to "upper link bracket" page 499 gtr service manual
  20. APEXI AVC-R Boost controller

    i assume there is a map sensor, a solenoid, some piping and some wiring. aswell as the main unit. http://www.pbase.com/chef_32/image/45525371
  21. R33 stock BOV question

    it equalises the pressure on both sides of the diaphram (from the cooler pipe to the manifold signal). people think its made you leak boost. but its acutally there to ensure the bov works correctly. Do not block. BTW. Stock bov does not leak as many say. Very good system, have seen it withstand 1.5bar on a GT35R turbo.
  22. Spark plugs

    NGK coppers have a better spark thatn platinum but shorter life. But since you need to change them every 5-10000 they keep cleaner than platinum and iridium. but if you want cheap iridium, talk to this guy http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...showtopic=68157 by the way, i think the code for NGK coppers is bcpr6es
  23. the two bolts in engine bay refer to mounting of front upper arms (sorry). Rear arms are much easier. But yeah. if you get your hands on the bushes, take the arms out and take them to a local workshop, they should have a press to do it in about 30min for all 4.
  24. getting the arms out is not too painful, 2 nuts from engine bay, 1 bolt from wheel arch. Then press the bush out, and press in the new one. I'd do it myself, but i got a friend with a press to make it easy for me. the radius rod bush is same as s13, my local auto parts place sells the urethane for $65 a pair.
  25. Life Expectancy Of Coilovers

    I've heard that stock shocks are expected to last about 60 - 80,000 k's. I'd be going for a set of new Koni's. They are brand new, so you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. You are assured of the quality. And they are readily and locally rebuildable. Second hand, you won't know how old, what condition, how they were used, etc. And the only real difference is the height adjustment when compared with the koni.