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  1. SR20 Twin Turbo?

    veyron has 4 turbos! so why not quad turbo the sr20?
  2. its the front bulb lol...
  3. Ohh I haven't checked the front indicator - could that be causing the rest to flash quickly? Edit. the front ones aren't new so I'll check those.
  4. hey guys, I recently bought some led tail lights, which ended up being a complete farse as the left leds where much brighter than the right ones. So i removed the led panels (two different panels, surprise) and installed the bulbs, i bought some t20 sockets and installed 2 tail light bulbs. Now I noticed this morning that my left indicator is flashing a lot quicker than the right one What do you guys think it could be? All the car bulbs are practically new, I have taken them in and out heaaaaps of times in the last couple days though.. With wiring in the new bulbs I just spliced the wires into the existing wires for the brake/taillight bulb and soldered them in place, then taped them so I don't think the wires are the problem. Could it be a fuse or possibly the bulb? maybe (seeing as the company that produced these aftermarket lights didn't hold QC in high regard) they just gave me old indicator bulbs?
  5. adm -> jdm lights

    Anyone know where I can get the sockets?
  6. adm -> jdm lights

    Ohh sorry, s15. The tail light bulbs are the wedge t20 bulbs.
  7. Hey guys, Have searched for this and I know that it is possible to convert adm lights to jdm. Now I have some lights which allow for another globe (ebay lights with two holes for the t20 bulbs) but I just have one of the sockets to put the t20 21/5 globe in. I was wondering where would it be possible for me to find another socket so that I can wire it to the existing wires and mount a second globe. Cheers
  8. Stock airbox question

    Yeah I have the pod secured by a metal bracket. I mostly just want to get rid of the flutter, but I guess I can learn to live with it.
  9. Stock airbox question

    I've got stock bov, I might try and source out the stock airbox and just drop in a k&n panel filter.
  10. Stock airbox question

    would the plump back bov make sounds? are they the illegal ones?
  11. Hey guys, recently I've been wanting to revert back to a panel filter so as to get rid of the turbo flutter and make the engine bay a little more legal. Now my question is, would I be able to fit in a stock airbox with my intercooler piping? I have a sabre intercooler + piping and it seems to be quite tight around where the airbox would normally go. Are there any other alternatives to getting rid of the flutter? Would i just be better off making an airbox, and learn to live with the flutter? Cheers
  12. Has anyone ever dealt with chipsAdelaide or dent away? the guys that come out to you to fix scratches and dents, are they any good?
  13. hmm but you'd think they would @ least have the decency to leave their details... Have managed to buff out most of the scratches on the bonnet - will see tomorrow if they can repair the dent without the bonnet needing a respray, if not the nissan logo is moving down to cover it lol
  14. Just noticed after work today that someone else has hit my car this time from the front - small dent in front bumper, dent under the nissan logo on the bonnet along with scratches, not to mention my number plate is bent as f**k.. hating life right now, I park very well in a perfectly safe area (burnside) and don't deserve this.. Was going to get my bumper fixed early this week, but lucky I rescheduled for next week... Hopefully they can fix the small dent on the bumper for the same price as fixing the scratches and respray - and hopefully fixing the dent in the bonnet plus respraying wont be as expensive as they will already have the paint.
  15. In SA, nah not considering the can anymore (saw it done on mightycarmods but his s15 is white), I'll just get it done professionally, and in the future will be a lot more anal as to where I park the car.