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  1. run 2 inline pumps bosch 044 each with there own fuel line, so two fuel lines going to the motor, so two fuel filters, then you buy a sr20det rail with 3 outlets, one on either end for the lines and one in the middle for your return, lets of people dont understand its not pressure you need with e85 its flow, you need 2 fuel lines. defiantely get a adjustable fpr, and injectors that are big enough.
  2. clamp pressure on the pressure plate is what holds more power with the clutch, i am running over 300 rwhp with a standard pressure plate and will be going for 400rwhp with the same 5 puk button and factory pressure plate with modified springs and clamp pressure was brought up from 1800 to 3000. excedy clutches are not all the same i have seen bench tested same clutch and same car etc etc and 4-5 of them all were different brand new out of the box
  3. GT3071R

    Internal gate, i go back next week and ill get a graph then, I went in last week but the boost controller maxed out at 13psi, and it got 291rwhp on 98ron fuel
  4. way to much money on the conversion for the gains, after all the modications and hours and money and parts you could make a full off the head sr20det
  5. GT3071R

    so to comment on someone who said if you have stage 2 cams, go back to standard, well im running bc cams stage 2 264 inlet and stage 3 272 exhaust cams and running a borg warner 6758 .64 which is to compare to the gtx3071 and i have basically no lag, boost starts to come on about 2200-2300rpm and full boost by 3400rpm and it holds all the way to red line.
  6. you dont need a o2 sensor using nos.. just saying
  7. No spark, Cyl #1 only

    dont know about nissan, but on mitsubishi if the numbers are different, they are different and wont work
  8. motor pinging

    the head was ported, the cams are bc stage 2 inlet stage 3 exhaust, turbo is borg warner 6758, there is no boost in it atm, it only just got ran in on the dyno, no idea on the intercooler i think its like something pro is written on it
  9. motor pinging

    microtech and yes
  10. NO power @ 4000rpm

    sounds like they forget to put the turbo back on your car lol, id be looking down the turbo related road
  11. motor pinging

    my car has been sitting for about 2 years or so, this is why he asked
  12. started getting my car tuned today, he ran it in and all going good, has not down the proper tune yet, but he msg me saying this how old is the fuel and what compression ratio is the motor?? and i have actually drained the fuel and filled with 98 and the pistons are 9.0 and the head did have a bit taken off it aswell, then he replies it just seems very sharp on the timming, E.G it wants to ping where i think it should not. the thing is when the motor was stock he said the same thing to me, that the motor was pinging and what fuel i was running and how old it is, this is why i drained it.the fact it did it before the motor build means i can cancel out the compression ratio. as i said i have changed the fuel what else could it be, he has not asked to me find out etc, but now it is annoying me and cant stop thinking about it lol
  13. borg warner efr

    i get mine tuned tomorrow i have a 6758 and if u get 354 rwhp on a 6258 i wonder what ill get, our differences is i will br running 98 ron fuel not e85 in the goldcoast only 1 servo has that fuel atm so not a good option for me, i have bc stage 2 inlet same as u but i have stage 3 exhaust, mine is fully built with 9.0 compression pistons ill be running 20psi as a starting mark and as high as 25psi if there is no probs, i would like to see 400rwhp that would make me real happy. good results on ur car dude, on an unopened motor, what does it drive like?
  14. borg warner efr

    what mods do u have other than the basic stuff, built motor? cams etc?