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  1. What happened with Markos?

    He had himself banned intentionally then set up the proraw forum.
  2. What happened with Markos?

    He's on his way to Slovakia with the GPC Australia team right now, probably pissing off an air hostess as I type this.
  3. increasing bench

    Not directly comparing but the reasoning still stands. Stupid lifters hurt themselves more often.
  4. increasing bench

    I'm not talking about relaxing or working different muscles, wider grip bench can and will cause more rotator cuff injuries than using a closer grip. Not necessarily true, wide grip is just riskier if other factors are not taken care of. Most old-skool benchers used a wide grip and didn't have that much trouble, but they also trained everything else religiously and had far greater shoulder stability. In the new era of chest and biceps this is not done. Do lots of back work and overhead work to strengthen your shoulder girdles then you'll be far safer. And to the OP and everyone else: GTFO of the smith machine if you value your shoulder integrity.
  5. increasing bench

    2c from a bench specialist (of sorts) To bench more you need to bench more, I would increase pressing frequency to 2-3 times a week. Benching one per week on a "split" won't help a great deal. Cycling the intensity will work well. Like a heavy, light and medium day. This is just off the top of my head: HEAVY Bench: 6x3@85-90% Tricep work Chins Rear delts LIGHT Dumbell bench: 5x12-15 reps Shoulders Rows Rear delts MEDIUM 6x10@65-70% (do half close grip, half normal grip) Dips Chins Rear delts Don't got to straight to a wide grip if you have bad rotators. Improve your bench form (tuck elbows more, bring the bar lower, arch back - look up Dave Tate: How to Bench on Youtube) first. If you are doing close grip make sure your hands go no closer than shoulder width. Any closer is mechanically innefficient and bad for your wrists. Boards, speed bench, etc are pretty unnecessary and personally I only do flat bench and that has never held me back either. What you need is lots of volume for bench and also lots for back (upper back, lats, rear delts) to balance everything out and avoid injury.
  6. "Strength training"

    This is all relative to a person's bodyweight but still a bit off, if a person's goal is strength and they have at least reached an intermediate level they should most certainly focus on a specialised strength routine but in reference to my post above they will still spend the majority of their time doing assistance work outside of their low rep work. The answer is (1) how much and (2) what types of food they eat, and (3) how they train. By and large, the greatest contributing factor to how you look is what you put in your mouth, and the greatest contributing factor to how strong you are is how you train. Example 1: Stereotypical powerlifter/strongman may be incredibly strong, but look like shit, because they train to be strong, and eat shit. Example 2: Stereotypical bodybuilder/phisique athelete may have an incredible body, but not very strong (comparitively to example 1), because they don't train in a way that builds strength, but they do eat in a way that makes their body look the way it does. *what "looks" good is obviously subjective to the individual, speaking in general Hit the nail on the head right there Ghosty.
  7. Facepalm@ >The misguided assumption that full-body compound routines are just for PLers. >The retarded assumption that split training is more advanced. Train hard, train heavy, eat well. If you're beginner to intermediate stick to high frequency lifting (ie. training bodyparts 2-3 times per week).
  8. Hef's Training Log

    How sure are you that your form is good?
  9. DIY pre workout drinks/gels

    Coffee and and some fruit. PWO supps are a f**king waste of money.
  10. Diet/Workout advice

    She can do the same program. There are no real female specific programs that are worth shit, all they ever do is baby them by adding lots of machines and those stupid ass butt exercises. Want hot butt? Squat!
  11. Diet/Workout advice

    Then you've been given bad advice for a beginner. You can make gains either way but full-body is more beneficial for beginners due to the frequency and reduced volume per body part per session. Beginners tire fast but recover easily and often their technique when they're exhausted is so awful that it just leads to injuries. The high lift frequency also gives you more practice at technique for the main lifts. Once you've developed some strength and size and actually look like you go to the gym then you can think about swapping to a split if you so desire but its not necessary. I'm still making great size and strength gains training full-body and I've been lifting for over half my life.
  12. Diet/Workout advice

    As Dr Cranium said, just focus on the main lifts and hit them all 3x a week in a full-body routine. These are much more beneficial for beginners. There are lots of different variations on the them if you care to look. One I often recommend. Workout A Squat 5x10 Bench 3x10 Bent Rows 3x10 Dips 5 sets Chins 5 sets Workout B Squat 5x10 Mil Press 3x10 Deadlift 3x5 Dips 5 sets Chins Choose a weight you can do easily for the 10 reps, add 2.5kg each workout.
  13. No, its a pile of crap. It was common theory but has since been debunked. There can be arguments from both sides sure, but that doesn't stop one side from totally wrong. I intake the majority of my calories just before bed because its my post-workout period. I have a decent breakfast and dinner but during the day my eating can vary due to uni. I've been losing weight.
  14. Becoming healthy

    I'm aware that they are doing strongman style continental cleans, I compete in powerlifting but also train strongman style and will do my first SM comps later this year. I posted the vid to exhibit the f**king retarded things some crossfit coaches have their clients do. I respect the strong, I just don't respect fukctard coaching.
  15. Not getting sore...?

    Why the f**k do you care if you're not sore if you're obviously making gains? Stop worrying about the little shit and keep on lifting.