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  1. Battery light on

    Yeah, i plan on replacing it, I'm just waiting for my mechanic to come back from holidays. Cheers.
  2. Battery light on

    Apologies for reviving an old thread. Last Wednesday the battery light on my 02' S15 came on and has stayed on. At the moment there doesn't appear to be any sign that there's something wrong. It has been 4 days and the car still starts up and drives around fine. Am I pushing my luck by still driving it???
  3. how many klms on these mate?
  4. For Sale: S14 / S15 DGR Coilovers

    very interested, still for sale??
  5. Welcome 2011 SEQ Cruise

    attachment broken
  6. thanks for your reply guys. Took the car to an auto elec for the window as i wanted it sorted immediately. Whole motor had seized.... very expensive to get fixed I'll look into the fuel prob now, are they hard to replace Moggy?? Did you do it yourself??
  7. Ok, 1st one isn't really a big deal as i've been living with it without any worry. When i bought the car the fuel gauge doesn't move from 1/4 full. Fuel light comes on at appropriate time and apart from that, everything seems in order. Anyone know what could be the cause of this and the remedy b4 i dive into it a start fiddling around with things i've got no idea about?? and 2; My drivers side power window no longer works. I arrived home from having a coffee on friday evening and it wouldn't go up. Prior to this occurring, it never showed any sign of failure. It went up quicker than the passenger side window and there was never any trouble with the auto up and down. When i hit the button i can hear a click and the light beneath the 'auto' swicth dulls and then there is another click it gets bright again. Has anyone had this problem and/or know what it could be? Motor, wiring, so forth, etc. Thank you in advance, Shawry
  8. S15 Meet Nov 13th

    Do a dayboro, mt mee, woodford, maleny run, then into sunny coast.
  9. stuff stolen from my garage

    It's just bullshit man, i'm reading all the time now of ppl's gear or cars getting stolen. I've seen these around for $500 https://shop.1wow.com.au/productcart/pc/SWAN-DVR4-2500-4X-INDOOR-OUTDOOR-CCD--316p14573.htm
  10. moroccan seasoning has sugar in it doesn't it??
  11. My New Song

    It's called 'The Phoenix'I've just finished this song, i'm not 100% liking the break into and out of the middle. Taken me a fair while to write, it's way out of my comfort range. This was entirely done with programs, all my other stuff is me actually playing. The song has 1 cello, 2 violins, synth, grand piano and drums Click to Listen
  12. pepper paprika cinnamon
  13. Lunch Options

    how serious you wanna get with your eating? Had a mate drop 70kgs in about 1yr just by eating right and going to the gym. What kind of time frame and goal?
  14. Go away rain

    and don't forget it
  15. Go away rain

    So my mate has gone to japan for 2wks and lent me his 09' 600 Fireblade to play with while he's gone. But since he left it's been non stop raining. I just can't have fun on the roads on a bike when it's wet, spinning the tyre really doesn't excite me.