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  1. MAD Automotive Demo/Track car

    looking good man.... keep on updating
  2. Rolling Rough!

    thanks guys for the helpful post. i went and got my wheel balance from a mate in Highpoint. he did wheel balancing and its all smooth in front end. but bad news is the back isnt balance. the reason was it was like 40% thread. so no point to balance it as its almost due for its new tyres. i might bring it to the mechanic to get my AXEL checked out. cos for some reason i get this feeling its rolling rough
  3. i dont know if its already been posted but i've made a search and comes up, but in the thread all talks about is people ripping people of and some dude trying 2 sell R32 breaks etc........ well anyways, i wanna do a 5 Stud conversion to my Onevia. if you guys could LIST the things needed. as i only know these are needed. i want to go 5 Stud so im aware i can either go S14/S15 Front Setup. Things Needed: (PLEASE do edit your own list so i know S14/S15 Front Hubs & Rotors S14/S15 Rear Hubs & Rotors New Fluids Lines HandBreak if thats all i need then AWESOME. furthermore, how much would average workshop charge for the installation? cheers fellas, PS. If your going to be an asshole about this thread. please dont post. keep it to yourself. for those who are willing to help, cheers
  4. PTR Photography

    just got couple of my images just wanna share with you guys. feel welcome to give me feedback etc. wont take it to the heart LOL here are couple of my work!
  5. Rolling Rough!

    ah cheers pmod! appriciate it man. will definately take it into account once i have the time and money.
  6. Rolling Rough!

    wheel balance? is that the same as alignment? cos i;ve already got it aligned edit: ahhahah! my bad. found a link here. http://www.familycar.com/carcare/alignmentbalance.htm
  7. hey guys, properly to u guys its common sense. but i dont know much about cars. when im driving on the freeway over 80km my car starts to make loud noise. as when its rolling its vibrates and my wheels feels like its gonna snap off. =/ but never has broken off. could it be my shafts thats bent? before i do any other mods i want a smooth ride. so adjustable coilovers. but other then that wouldnt know what else to do under the car. rotors? cams? etc. a list that could make my ride roll better
  8. Light Problems

    i bought it 2 my mate which was an auto ELEC. he had a good 2hours trying to figure whats wrong. he found a burnt wired and traced it through and replaced it. the problem still acures. what do you guys reckon i should do? as my pop up lights also doesnt work before the accident. so: 1. Replace EVERYTHING. (take it to auto elec and rewire) 2. take it to another auto elec and spend more money 3. crush it and write off. no clue. whats the cost to rewire everything from headlight and parkers etc.?
  9. Light Problems

    i always seem to blow my 15Amp fuse in my bonnet for FOG Lights. =/ LOL everything i turn on the light. POP! goes my 15amp. =[
  10. Light Problems

    i've checked the fuses at the bottom of the steering. and changed one of the fuse. now when i turn the light on my LEFT indicators stay on CONSTANT.
  11. Light Problems

    hrmm. done that. no success
  12. Light Problems

    ah thanks for the explaination. what can i do to fix the problem? i tried looking at the fuse box on the right (whenn facing the front) the only fuse i found on the FOG was a 15AMP. should i check the fuse under the dash? cheers
  13. hey guys, i recently was drifting and smacked my left front bumper into a tree. 180sx front was hit on the parkers and fenders (LEFT SIDE) so later that night i figured that my Dashboard light and my boost guage light doesnt WORK. the only time any of those light works was when i SIGNALED LEFT. Signaling right doesnt turn the lights on. anyone have any clue? just before i take it 2 an auto elec. cheers
  14. calling all westsiders

    sorry bro. got nothing u need
  15. sick. i'll let you know via PM.